About us

About us

Xtreme Marketing

Xtreme Marketing plays a big role in the sector of real estate in Pakistan

We are one of the top real estate marketing agency located in Peshawar, Pakistan. Xtreme Marketing is one of the best property portals based in Pakistan. Our expertise lies in every property deal, from commercial to residential real estate. Whether it’s a high rise towers or any other housing societies in Pakistan. Xtreme Marketing professional advisors will guide you to buy and sell best properties in Pakistan. With a diverse clientele, Xtreme Marketing offers quality digital marketing solutions for small businesses that meet both current & future demands. Our Commitment to the quality of our marketing services in real estate makes Xtreme Marketing one of the most exemplary workplace inside Pakistan. With our expertise in real estate in Pakistan, we offer the best digital marketing services, which grows more businesses and leads several ventures to retain value. Aim for Success in the real estate in Pakistan & join us on a beautiful journey!

Xtreame Marketing staff
Xtreame Marketing staff
Xtreame Marketing staff
Xtreame Marketing staff
Xtreame Marketing staff
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Our Vision

  • Lower the cost of Property listings and give free access to all the property dealers in Peshawar. 
  • Offer Agile and Scalable Solutions to add more value to the real estate in Pakistan. 
  • Reliable and objective-oriented digital marketing solutions for small businesses. 
  • Digitalization of real estate in Pakistan. 
  • We have all the latest Property News for you on our Social Media Pages and Property Portal. 
  • Xtreme Marketing is involved in the top housing schemes in Islamabad 2021-22. 
CEO of extreame Marketing

Mr Gul Ahmad CEO

Director of extreame Marketing

Mr Luqman Ahmad DIR.

Our Mission

It’s been more than a decade for us to serve our customers as we have made our mark inside the real estate in Pakistan. We are a team of marketers, IT specialists, sales representatives, and highly experienced professionals who have allowed several businesses to grow inside the competitive marketplace. Xtreme Marketing is focused on the facilitation of its employees by all means. At Xtreme Marketing, we have a very socially active and highly professional workplace. Our People and unique culture have brought new digital marketing solutions for small businesses and has revolutionized real estate in Pakistan.

Our Story

Xtreme Marketing is involved in several businesses, from tourism to software development services. Our organization has long been serving its diverse customer base by investing in several housing projects in Islamabad. We believe in the unity and Commitment of our people towards achieving collective goals.