Mivida City Islamabad Housing Society

Mivida City Islamabad Housing Society is ideally located on the main M-2 motorway of Islamabad, Pakistan.

It is a project by Khanial Homes and Khanial Builders Pvt. Ltd. in association with some of the best organizations involved in the success of Mivida City Islamabad Housing Society.

Khanial Homes and Khanial Builders Pvt. Ltd. intends to offer the best experience to all its residents with the futuristic Infrastructure and modernized housing on the best pricing guaranteed.

Mivida is associated with mega-city builders. The futuristic city is to be built as per accordingly the requirements of its inhabitants.

 The boundary walls are planned to be equipped with high-tech security cameras, ensuring the safety of both residents and visitors.

Mivida City Islamabad will be a kind place offering an excellent standard of life to thousands of families without compromising the quality of life.

Investors are attracted by the ideal location of the smart city that has an easy access route from multiple business spheres through the twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi).

The everlasting demands for the best housing society inside Pakistan are on the hike also placed by the inclination in prices of the property leading to a very competitive marketplace inside the real estate of Pakistan.  

Masses require an affordable, eco-friendly, lavish, and immediate real estate solution in the shape of the best housing society.

 Therefore Mivida has pre-planned all the essential yet rare factors of the best housing society inside Islamabad 2022.

If you plan to have a farm house for your family or a villa with all the standard amenities, 24/7 electricity, water supply, and interrupted gas supply, then this is the best choice for you to invest in it.

Along with that, to make it even easier for the inhabitants, all the residencies and commercial areas have been provided by the optic fibre internet, as PTCL connections are also going to be processed.

 This would also allow private internet service providers like Nayatel and Storm-fiber to be present inside the Mivida City of Islamabad.

Any investor looking for a great retain on the total investment needs to look towards Mivida, as there will be a high rental value from both the residential and commercial areas once it is occupied.

Mivida City Islamabad Housing Society Developers & Owners 

• Khanial Builders Pvt. Ltd

• Mivida Developments Private Limited.

• Meinhardt Group – Singapore.

• Banu Mukhtar.

• Maxim Investment Group Egypt.

About Khanial Homes and Khanial Builders Pvt. Ltd


Khanial Homes and Khanial Builders Pvt. Ltd. focus on raising the standard of lifestyle and housing societies across Pakistan. Some of their megaprojects are as follows:

Khanial Homes
Khanial Executive and Economy Blocks
Green Oaks Agro Farmhouse
Mivida Pakistan

Mivida Developments Private Limited.

The organization is thriving to improve the standard of living inside Pakistan. It has also delivered some unique and cost-efficient real estate inside Pakistan. They are also involved in the success of Mivida Pakistan.

Meinhardt Group (Singapore)


Meinhardt Group offers professional services to several globally acclaimed clients. It has worked on several aspects of these megaprojects related to advanced engineering designs, construction consultancy, site supervision, infrastructure design, architectural services, etc. Some of the engineering marvels and eco-friendly megaprojects are completed in the due timeline by the Meinhardt Group.

The award-winning real estate giant has also contributed to revolutionizing Pakistani real estate. From offering the best engineering design to consultancy for overall megaprojects, Meinhardt Group has the best engineering services having both cost efficiency and quality of work intact.

The Singapore based real estate consultants have been involved in several megaprojects like that of the following:

Oil Pier II at Karachi Port
Ravi Riverfront
Eighteen Islamabad
Mivida City Islamabad

Oil Pier II at Karachi Port

The Project will increase the Vessels Capacity to 80000 tons. Meinhardt provides its complete Engineering Design of the new Oil Pier terminal (OP-II).






Karachi Port Trust


Civil & Structural, MEP


Transportation, Ports


Engineering Design

Ravi Riverfront

A futuristic approach for developing a mega-city across the river Ravi. The megaprojects are brought up by the Lahore Development Authority (LHA), while the development of the megaproject is still in the phase of approval from the major authorities.

Meinhardt Group is working on river training and channelization, along with which it is also offering consultancy for Urban Planning, Economics & Design. Meinhardt Group is also involved in other operations related to the work on the river Ravi.


River Training and Channelization
Wastewater Treatment and Other Public Infrastructure
Legal and Constitutional Framework
Urban Economics
Financial Analysis
Urban Planning and Urban Design.






Lahore Development Authority (LDA)


Urban Planning, Lead Consultancy, Civil & Structural, MEP


Mixed-Use, Residential, Infrastructure Planning, Hotels & Resorts


Eighteen Islamabad

Situated on the major highway of Pakistan connecting the twin cities (Islamabad & Rawalpindi) to the rest of Pakistan through a network of motorways. Eighteen Islamabad elevates the current lifestyle by offering its residents the best in class yet modern type housing options.

Srinagar Highway offers convenience in transport to all the residents of Eighteen Islamabad, making it one of the ideal housing societies in Islamabad for a secure and prosperous life.


·         Meinhardt Detail Design.

·         Infrastructure Design.

·         Site Supervision.






Elite Estates Pvt. Ltd


Urban Planning, Lead Consultancy, Civil & Structural, MEP, Environmentally Sustainable Designs


Residential, Infrastructure Planning, Offices, Hotel & Leisure, Smart cities.


Mivida City Islamabad

1st Eco-Sustainable City inside Pakistan is still in the developmental phase and will soon be completed.


Field Surveys Detailed.
Master planning & Infrastructure designing for land, including Roads.
Drainage, Water Supply, Sewerage, & Electrical Works.
Structural solution of Earthworks.






MIVIDA Islamabad


Urban Planning, Lead Consultancy, Civil & Structural, MEP


Mixed-Use, Residential, Infrastructure Planning, Hotels & Resorts



Banu Mukhtar










Bestway Cement


construction of Officers and Workers' Hostel at Paikhel





Roomi Fabrics Ltd.

A.A Associates

Construction of Dyeing / Stitching and Weaving Unit at Quad-e-Azam Business Park Sheikhupura





Matco Foods Limited

Chisti Brothers

Construction of Main Plant Building, RO Plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Power House, Boiler House & Boundary Wall at Plot No. 53 Allama Iqbal Industrial Estate Sahianwala Faisalabad





Naveena Exports Ltd.

A.A Associates

Construction of Godowns-08 Nos. (Ground + 1 Floor @13~23 / A1~E) & External R.C.C Drain (738 RFT) AT NAVEENA EXPORTS LIMITED, Lahore





Ultra Kraft

Amin Tariq Associates

Civil and PEB Works of Industrial Building at Plot # 291 at M3 Industrial City





Millat Equipment Ltd.

Dismantling and Screeding Works at Millat Equipment Limited





ICI Pakistan

CFB-5 & LSA Phase -2 Project, Khewra





Heavy Industries Taxila

EPC Contract for Transfer of Technology-Infrastructure Works at Tank Factory, Heavy Industries Taxila





Novatex Plastic

Civil and Urban Engineers

Green Field project






Meinhardt Singapore






Shangrila Foods (Pvt.) Limited

Civil and Urban Engineers

Construction of industrial Building for Shangrila Foods (Pvt.) Limited, at Plot #: 37,38,41,42, M-3 Industrial City ( Sahianwala), Faisalabad





EMAAR Pearl Reef Towers


Construction of Infrastructure Works for Emaar Pearl & Reef Towers, Karachi





Elite Reverie (Pvt)Ltd, also known as Eighteen

Meinhardt Thailand Limited

Contract for Grey Structure & Finishing Works (Common Area) of Pavilion No. 02 & 03 at Elite Reverie, also known as Eighteen





Elite Reverie (Pvt)Ltd, also known as Eighteen

Meinhardt Thailand Limited

Construction of 47 Luxurious Villas.





Pakistan Services Limited

Pearl Real Estate Holdings (Pvt.) Limited,

Finishing and Electrical Works of Phase 1, 2 & Back Off House of Pearl City Hotel





Pioneer Cement Limited

Progressive Consultants (Pvt) Limited

Construction of Civil Works for 12MW Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant, Water Storage Tank, Staff Housing, Apartment Building I & II, Officer's Block, Staff Hostel, Chairman House, DLPRT, Guard Barracks, and Allied Buildings, Boundary Wall, Pav Hostel at  Pioneer Cement Plant,  








Maxim Investment Group Egypt


The real estate giant is based out of Egypt, With its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt. Maxim Investment Group Egypt is involved in several real estate megaprojects through its investment of residential, commercial, and retail businesses. It has a significant dominance in the hospitality sector and construction businesses. Recently it's played a role in one of the best housing societies inside Islamabad, Pakistan, also known as "MIVIDA Pakistan."


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Mivida Housing Society NOC

To work in streamlined management of Mivida City Islamabad, got the NOC (No Objection Certificate) of the Mivida City Islamabad, Pakistan, to develop the best housing society in Islamabad on every essential factor of commercial and residential zones.

Currently, 143 Kanal area is approved, leading to extensive development inside the housing society. If you plan to invest in the Mivida City of Islamabad, it would be one of the best businesses you have ever done.

Location of Mivida City Islamabad

The best Mivida housing society inside Islamabad is located on the region's busiest yet most occupied route. Using the M-2 Motorway leads the Mivida City Islamabad inhabitants to several destinations, including Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad city, and Rawalpindi.

Mivida City Islamabad has the best location accessed through the M-2 Motorway, making it an ideal place to live for people dealing with both Lahore and the twin cities.

Also, it is near the new Islamabad International Airport, any inhabitant of the Mivida City Islamabad can access the airport in just 25 minutes.

To enjoy the urban vibes of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the best housing society is given access by several routes, including one from the Chakri road.

The housing society is supplied with all the standard facilities, i.e., electricity, water resources, waste management services, and state-of-the-art roads.


  1. Easy installments for commercial, residential, and corporate plots.
  2. Security for all the residents to avoid any emergencies.
  3. The developers provide schools, hospitals, and other facilities inside Mivida.
  4. NOC (No Objection Letter) of Mivida Pakistan will soon be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Near Landmarks to Mivida, the Best Place to Live in Pakistan

  • Ideal Location on M-2 Motorway the Mivida City Islamabad is near the New Islamabad International Airport.
  • Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is also near the best housing society in Islamabad.
  • If you love to explore more regions and want to experience the reservoirs of water we have for you inside society and side by side, two Dams one is of Khalsa Dam & java Dam.
  • Most of the region around the Mivida City of Islamabad is covered by trees and shrubs. It gives the best housing society inhabitants a chance to live inside an eco-friendly and cost-efficient environment.
  • It is a 5-minute drive away from the Rawalpindi ring road. An easier access route leads the inhabitants to destinations in less tim
  • Capital Smart City Islamabad is also located near the new housing society inside Islamabad through the Mivida City Islamabad.
  • Mivida City Islamabad Housing Society is near the Chakri Interchange and the Thalian Interchange.


Accessibility to Mivida City Islamabad 

At a distance of 20 min from Islamabad Motorway Interchange

At a distance of 5 min from M-2 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway

At a distance of 15 min from New Islamabad Airport Rd

At a distance of 25 min from N-80, Rawalpindi

At a distance of 30 min from Jand – Kohat Rd, Rawalpindi

At a distance of 15 min from Tarnol Motorway Link Rd, Islamabad


Mivida City Islamabad Master Plan

Mivida City Islamabad is more eco-friendly, aesthetically designed, and ideally located inside Islamabad. Having connected to more than one major destination Mivida City Islamabad offers the best living experiences to its inhabitants.

All facilities are within a 5-15 minute walk through green spine pedestrian network. The Green belts facilitate the housing project. Mivida City Islamabad offers the best opportunities to startups and other enterprises as it has also dedicated IT Park to promote growth for businesses.

Each of the residential zones has its dedicated neighborhood markkas. Businesses thrive inside the commercially central district. Mivida City Islamabad has one of the Grand Jamia Mosques inside Islamabad, with each of the two sector's mosques inside the housing project.

Mivida City Islamabad Residential Plots

    • 5.5 Marla
    • 8 Marla 
    • 10 Marla
    • 14 Marla
    • 1 Kanal
    • 2 Kanal

Mivida City 
Islamabad Overseas Residential Plots

    •   4.5 Marla
    •    8 Marla
    •    10 Marla
    •   1 Kanal

Mivida City Islamabad Blocks

·         General Block

·         Overseas Block

Mivida City Islamabad General Block Residential Plot Prices

5.5 Marla is offered at Rs. 16.9 million/ 14 month Installments.

·         8 Marla is offered at Rs. 2.2 million / 14 month Installments.

·         10 Marla is offered at Rs. 2.7 million / 14 month Installments.

·         14 Marla is offered at Rs. 3.4 million / 14 month Installments.

·         1 Kanal is offered at Rs. 5.9 million / 14-month Installments.

·         2 Kanal is offered at Rs. 11.9 million / 14 month Installments.


Mivida City Islamabad Overseas Block Residential Plot Prices

·         4.5 Marla is offered at Rs. 1.2 million / 14 month Installments.

·         8 Marla is offered at Rs. 2.0 million / 14 month Installments.

·         10 Marla is offered at Rs. 2.4 million / 14 month Installments.

·         1 Kanal is offered at Rs. 4.7 million / 14-month Installments.


Facilities & Amenities

Futuristic housing societies are urged to have all the standard amenities. Investors are attracted to aesthetically designed infrastructures, exquisite architectural designs, active security systems, approved NOC (No Objection Certificate), and 24/7 supply of standard facilities (i.e., electricity, Sui gas, clean water, etc.).

Mivida City Islamabad offers some of the best yet exclusive facilities and amenities, which are as follows:

 A Gated Housing Society

Mivida Housing Society Islamabad has a gated entrance with unauthorized visitors prohibited from entering the eco-friendly society. The guards are well equipped and facilitated with the CCTV cameras placed to make it highly secure for all the inhabitants.

 Recreational space & Public Parks

Being one of the best housing societies in Islamabad, Mivida City has done eco-friendly town planning. There are several public parks and other recreational spaces for the entertainment purposes of its inhabitants.

High-class Education Institutions

Top-notch educational institutions will soon have a campus inside Mivida City, Islamabad. The authorities are making sure to have all the essential academic institutions constructed and operational.

Business Hubs to Grow Enterprises

For business communities looking for an excellent housing project for investment and generating enough revenue from real estate, Mivida City would be the best fit for you. Some of the best shops and commercial spaces inside Islamabad, Pakistan's best housing society.

Best Medical Facilities

Residents of Mivida City are provided with the best medical facilities inside Mivida City Islamabad. From small dispensaries to fully equipped clinics, Mivida City Islamabad offers the best medical facilities to its inhabitants. A place where your families are provided with the best health facilities leading to a successful life.


Sports Community 

Mivida City Islamabad knows about the sports craze of its inhabitants. There are 10 Marla Luxury Villas & apartments offered by the approved housing society in Islamabad.

Features of the Sports Community:

Olympic-size swimming pool

Tennis football


Cycling track



An ideal eco-community where 14 Marla residential plots are offered to its investors and buyers on easy installment plans in Islamabad.

Features of the Eco-Community in Mivida City Islamabad:

Eco-botanical gardens

Bird sanctuary ponds


Interactive green spaces


Golf Community in Mivida City Islamabad 

One of the best housing societies has a 40-acre Golf Course that consists of extravagant and aesthetically designed 1 Kanal Luxury Villas.


Signal Free Corridor 

An approved housing society that has a 200 feet wide signal-free panoramic main boulevard stretching across the heart of Mivida City Islamabad.


Mixed-Used Community 

The mixed-used community has both 5.5 Marla & 8 Marla plots for sale in the vicinity of Islamabad.

Features of the Mixed-Used Community:


Retail Malls

Commercial public

Neighborhood facilities


    Aesthetically Designed Entrance 

    Mivida City Islamabad has an aesthetically designed entrance. The housing society has easy payment plans that are cost-efficient, making it affordable for the general public. 


    Jamia Mosque In Mivida City Islamabad 

    The developers have built an amazingly engineered Jamia Mosque in the heart of Mivida City, Islamabad.


    Clean Water Resources In Mivida City Islamabad 

     Mivida City Islamabad has an abundance of clean water resources.


   10 Good Reasons Mivida City Islamabad is an Ideal Housing Project in Pakistan: 

    Here are some of the best features which justifies Mivida City Islamabad as the best housing project in Pakistan; 


   Best Education Institutes

    Mivida City Islamabad would also have the best education complex to offer standard facilities to the general public.


   Ideal Location In Islamabad City 

    Mivida City Islamabad has an ideal location, making it accessible to several business hubs like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and Lahore.


    Excellent Management In Mivida City Islamabad  

    The management has provided a 24/7 security system for Mivida City Islamabad to ensure the best living standards. If there are any complications or issues faced by the inhabitants of the Mivida City Islamabad, the management or authorities would be offering the best maintenance services at cost-efficient rates.


    Secure Housing Project in Pakistan 

    The boundary wall surrounds the housing society. Unauthorized entrances are prohibited inside the best housing society inside Islamabad as Mivida City Islamabad is a gated community.


    A Modern Housing Project in Pakistan

     Energy should be conserved because solar trees provide the best housing for society.


     Wild-life & Zoo in Pakistan 

     Wildlife holds great relevance to modern housing societies. Mivida City Islamabad has a dedicated space for wildlife, as the best housing society has all the available for the entertainment purposes of the inhabitants.   


     40- Acre Golf Course Community in Pakistan 

      Everybody loves to play golf inside Islamabad's most striking and eco-friendly housing society. The housing society has a 9-Hole golf course with dedicated standard facilities.


     Aesthetically Designed Master Planning 

     The roads are made with great care as the engineers have not compromised on development quality. Mivida City Islamabad has one of the hygienic and secure Infrastructure. The housing society is fully leveraged with the sewerage and waste disposal systems. The best housing society has a world-class infrastructure with several dedicated residential and commercial areas. 


     Availibility of Basic Facilities 

     Mivida City Islamabad has ensured that all the standard facilities are provided to its inhabitants, like electricity, clean water supply, internet, and the Sui gas connections. Unlike any other housing society inside Pakistan, Mivida City Islamabad has all the underground electrification lines, making the environment more clean and secure for its inhabitants.


   Sports & Medical Facilities 

    Mivida City Islamabad and the rest of the best facilities are also offered by a dedicated sports complex with outdoor and indoor facilities. One of the best medical institutions offers professional services to the inhabitants of Mivida City Islamabad.


Why to Invest in Mivida City Islamabad?

Inside Pakistan's competitive real estate industry, Mivida City Islamabad offers you one of the best investment opportunities to do great business. The housing society has all the latest facilities and the ideal location, making it an attraction point for investors.

Some of the best reasons to invest inside the Mivida City Islamabad are as follows

    High gain on RoI (Return on Investment)

Mivida city Islamabad is an ideal business prospect for any investor. Real estate inside Pakistan is booming, generating more revenue for the developers. Due to Mivida City Islamabad's salient features, it has a very high RoI (Return on Investment).


Ideal location for any housing society

Mivida City Islamabad has located a few minutes drive away from the twin cities. It is connected to Rawalpindi and Islamabad through the Chakri Road, M-2 Motorway, and the newly proposed Rawalpindi ring road.


   Easy instalment plans

Looking into the current and future situations, the investors focus on providing easy installment plans. The prices are kept at their minimum for any interested client for any plots.


An eco-friendly housing society

The futuristic housing society has one of the best and most eco-friendly environments offering clean air to breathe in for its inhabitants. Mivida City has plant life on priority inside its residential and commercial sectors.


    Best facilities inside the futuristic city

The best town planning to have an efficient sewage system is Mivida City Islamabad. The best housing society inside Islamabad has standard hospitals, academic institutions, and business hubs to add more value to the Pakistani economy.


Guidelines to Follow While Purchasing /Sale of Plots

If you are interested in buying properties inside the Mivida City Islamabad, then you must read the below:

 Visit the plot or any property that you intend to purchase.

· Always check for all the legal documents and other NOCs before dealing with any seller or sales agent.

· Connect with Xtreme Marketing to have the best property with secure methods to complete the investment/deals.

· Never process any payments without having any agreement completed (Make sure the property documents you possess are legal and authentic). Do not hesitate to ask more questions and always accompany yourself with your family member.


Documentation Requirement for Booking

·         With great attention, fill out the original booking application form for plots.  

·         Copies of your valid CNIC would be required.

·         Process the Down Payment via a Cheque or Pay order in favor of "Mivida City Islamabad," always make sure you have all the required documents related to the property deal and make sure Mivida City Islamabad management is aware of the property dealing.

After the management authorizes the property deal, you will be able to pay the amount in cash.

Receive the legal and authentic documents relating to the property once you have informed the management, cleared the payments, completed any other critical tasks, etc.


Benefits of Mivida Housing Society Investment

The best housing society in Pakistan has the correct value for your investment, whether you plan to make it the ideal place for your dream home or invest in the real estate sector. Mivida City Islamabad has all the relevant characteristics to attract any investor or prospect client.

Secure Investment

Mivida City Islamabad has all plots available for sale in easy instalments.

A model housing society

The futuristic housing has excellent relevance due to its aesthetically designed Infrastructure and excellent town planning.

Ideal location

An eco-friendly housing society located in an ideal location is the M-2 Motorway. Also, it is connected to the Chakri road and the proposed Rawalpindi ring road.

Best commercial hub inside Islamabad

If you are looking for a place to control or monitor your business, then Mivida City Islamabad would be the best housing society. It also has the best shops of all sizes and types.

Booking Procedure for Property in Mivida City Islamabad

If you plan to process a booking for any plot inside Mivida City Islamabad, you should connect with one sales representative by visiting our website at We will guide you through the process and make sure you get the best property price.


Pros & Cons Of Mivida Housing Society

·         The housing project is ideally located on the main M-2 motorway having access to a few minutes drive away from the twin cities. 

·         It is one of the best eco-friendly societies in Islamabad. It has the best facilities by means of clean water supply, electricity, and Sui gas etc.

·         Mivida City Islamabad offers its inhabitants a secure environment and a highly guarded entrance gate.

·         The payment plans are kept at a minimum rate making it one of the market competitive instalment plans inside Pakistani real estate.

·         While some of you might say it would take more than a decade for the housing project, the developers of Mivida City Islamabad are committed to taking less few years to complete the best housing project inside Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the questions you should have in mind before you invest in Mivida City Islamabad?

Question 1:
Is Mivida City Islamabad Legal?

Answer 1: Mivida City Islamabad is a legal housing project, and the NOC (No Objection Certificate) is yet to be approved by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

Question 2:
Where is Mivida City Islamabad located?

Answer 2: Mivida City Islamabad has an ideal location, as the housing project is located at the Main M-2 Motorway. While the best housing society also has an access route from two other ways: One from Chakri Road and the Second one from the proposed Rawalpindi ring road.

Question 3: How to buy a plot inside Mivida City Islamabad?

Answer 3: If you are interested in having a secure and high-value investment, then Mivida City Islamabad would be the best fit for you and your family. 


Mivida City Islamabad offers all types of plots in easy installments. The best housing society in Pakistan delivers an eco-friendly environment to its inhabitants.

Investors are attracted towards the best housing society due to the ideal location having connected to the M-2 motorway and Chakri road. If you require a free consultation or need to know more about Mivida City Islamabad, then you should connect with an Xtreme marketing sales representative.

There are some of the big names and developers involved in the construction of Mivida City Islamabad. The best housing society offers you an excellent opportunity to secure your investment.

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