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7 Wonders City Karachi

7 Wonders City Karachi – Easy Payment Plans, Approved, and Secure Community in 2024

7 Wonders City Karachi is a mega-housing project by the well-known and reliable developers - Global Financial Solutions (GFS). Seven Wonders City Karachi is located on the main M-9 National Highway, Karachi in close proximity with the Malir River Expressway. 7 Wonders City Karachi has received its valid and approved no objection certificate (NOC) from the Planning and Development Control, Jamshoro. Seven Wonders City Karachi offers investors with 80, 120, 300, and 500 Square Yards of residential plots, while it also offers commericial plots of 100 Square Yards and 200 Square Yards. The developers have worked on the aesthetic infrastructure, security, and international standard of amenities across the approved housing society in Karachi. For more details related to the Seven Wonders City Karachi connect with one of our sales agent or visit our website at Xtremes Marketing


7 Wonders City Karachi offers its residents top-class market-competitive residential and commercial plots for sale on easy payment plans. Seven Wonders City Karachi is located on the main M-9 Motorway, Karachi, it can also be accessed with a few minutes drive from Bahria Town Karachi, and DHA Karachi. (Check the List of Top 10 Housing Projects in Karachi CitySeven Wonders City is approved from the Planning and Development Control, Jamshoro making it a secure investment prospect in Karachi. You should invest in the approved housing scheme in the mega-city as it offers a high resale value, secure investment, and other opportunities for you in the real estate of Pakistan. The ideal housing scheme is a gated and secure community to live for all modern families. The mega-real estate project on the M-9 National Highway Karachi offers great value for businesses with in its commercial zones. 

Owners & Developers

Global Financial Solutions (GFS) are the developers and owner company of 7 Wonders City Karachi.  Global Financial Solutions (GFS) know well about the demands of their customers, as they have successfully completed most of the town planning, infrastructure design, and pre-work on the basic amenities. 

Location 7-wonder-city-karachi-location

Seven Wonders City Karachi is ideally located on the main M-9 Motorway, accessible from the Malir River Expressway. 

NOC (No Objection Certificate) 

7 Wonders City Karachi has received its valid no objection certificate (NOC) from the Planning and Development Control, Jamshoro. The mega-project is legal, and there are no complications if you intend to invest in it. 

Nearby Landmarks 

Here are some of the landmarks which are located in the vicinity of the housing society in Karachi: 

Accessibility 7-wonder-city-karachi-accessibility

  • Can be reached within a 15 minutes drive away from ARY Laguna
  • Can be reached within a 15 minutes drive away from DHA City
  • Can be reached within a 60-minute drive away from Jinnah International Airport
  • Can be reached within a 5 minutes drive away from M-9 Highway Karachi 
  • It can be reached within a 10-minute drive from the Malir River Expressway.
  • Can be reached within a 30 minutes drive away from Main Karachi City 

Salient Features: 

Here are some of the top features in the 7 Wonders City Karachi: 

Basic Amenities & Top Notch Facilities 

The approved housing scheme offers the best and top-class amenities to its residents. From uninterruptable electricity, gas, and clean water supply to all the blocks of the housing society in Karachi. 

Community Parks, Water Park & Cricket Stadium

Residents like to live in modern housing societies with several community parks, water parks, and, most importantly, a cricket stadium. All these facilities are offered in the eco-friendly housing society in the mega-city. 

Grand Mosque

To facilitate the residents of the housing scheme in Karachi, a "Grand Jamia Mosque," which can easily accommodate more than 5,000 visitors. 

Clubhouse & Gymnasium

A modern housing scheme with international standards of amenities, the mega-housing plan offers the experience of a Gymnasium and Clubhouse. A secure place to enjoy all the modern facilities. 

Kids play area, Arcade room & Mini-zoo

Families like to spend some time with their loved ones; there is a kid's play area in each block across the housing scheme, and a mini-zoo is in the vicinity of the housing project. 

Community Centre & Library, with the latest stock

Suppose you like to read more and enjoy being surrounded by a diverse group. In that case, the housing scheme has a community center and a well–facilitated library with updated stock. 

Top schools in the city & State-of-the-art hospital

Karachi's housing scheme has top-notch schools that help the residents match the modern standards of education. At the same time, the housing scheme has well-equipped health care institutes, which are 24/7 operational. 

Secure & Eco-Friendly Housing Society

Green zones are made across all the blocks of the housing scheme, which makes it a cleaner and eco-friendly place to live in Karachi city. 

Seven Wonders of the World

The city has a replica of each of the Seven Wonders of the World: 

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Roman Colosseum
  • The Great Wall of China
  • The Stonehenge
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • The Taj Mahal

Master planning 7-wonder-city-karachi-Booking-plan

Following are the two different phases: 

  • Phase 1 
  • Phase 2 

Depending upon the orientation or location of the plot which you intend to buy, a 5 percent change can be varied. If the property you plan to buy is a corner one, it would cost you about 10 Percent extra compared to others in the competitive marketplace. 

Phase 1 

The developers are going to offer the following at first with two different plans either you can select the 48 payments (4 Year Plan) or you can also go with the 16 Payments (Quarterly Payments). Residential plots will be priced from 8 Lakh PKR to 45 Lakh PKR. The down payment for these plots for sale will be around 50,000 PKR.There are commercial plots for sale in the housing scheme, of which the price range is from 25 Lakh PKR to 50 Lakh PKR. The down payment of the commercial properties in the mega-project ranges from 2 Lakh PKR to 4 Lakh PKR. 

Phase 2

The developers will initiate the second phase only after the success of Phase 1 in Karachi. They are planning to have the residential plots on either an 8 half-yearly payment plan or a more normal 28 installment plan (4 –Yearly). The second phase of 7 Wonders City Pakistan will offer its residential plots for sale in the price range of 7 Lakh PKR to 1.05 Lakh PKR. For the commercial plots in Phase 2, the owners of the society are eyeing an asking price of PKR 1.5 Crore to PKR 2.2 crore with a booking amount of more than 70,000 PKR.

Payment Plan 

Following is the payment plan of the housing scheme in Karachi.

-wonder-city-karachi-payment-plan-commercial 7-wonder-city-karachi-payment-plan-residential

Why you should invest in the Housing Scheme 

One of the first things you should think of is why you should invest in the housing scheme in Karachi. For a reasonable query about investors or buyers, we have collected the facts and figures to answer such a valid question below. 

Financial Stability 

Investing in any of the housing society's residential or commercial blocks will offer you financial stability.

A Secure Community 

The mega-project is one of the security communities near Karachi city. 

Modern and Eco-Friendly Place for Families

From wide carpeted roads, aesthetic infrastructure, and international standards of amenities, there are tons of amazing facilities available to the residents of the housing society. 

Why Invest in Seven Wonders City Karachi 

With urbanization at its peak, several high rises, residential complexes, and housing schemes are being developed across the mega-city in Karachi, Sindh. Modern housing societies in Karachi are well facilitated with the basic amenities, international standards of schools, hospitals, wide carpeted roads, etc. Karachi city is diverse in culture, has abundant opportunities for its residents, and is better known as the city of lights. The city has a lot to offer, from food streets to the only 5-star hotels in Pakistan. With the ever-growing demands of its residents and investors, Karachi now has several housing schemes in 2022. As an investor, you should try your luck in the real estate of Karachi; there are many reasons to do so, including higher RoI (Return on Investment), increased resale value, and rental yield. But where should you invest in Karachi? What are some of the documentation and other technicalities to look into before you invest in real estate? Housing societies in Karachi have an international standard of amenities, aesthetic designs, and convenience in transportation. Residents of the housing societies are offered an eco-friendly environment, well-equipped health institutes, and other international facilities.7 Wonders City Karachi is a mega-project on the main M-9 national highway in Karachi. Modern housing societies like these are conveniently accessible and have diverse types of plots for their customers. The housing authorities are evaluated by several professionals and real estate experts depending on their locations, master planning, NOC Status, and reliability of their developers. 

How you can buy plots for sale in Karachi 

Now, after going through the different details of the housing scheme in Karachi. How can you manage to buy any plot for sale in it, and what's the procedure to do so? You would need the following documents as well as look for the next steps whenever you are buying a plot: 

1)    Your valid copy of CNIC

2)   Your sibling or family member's CNIC

3)   The seller's CNIC and ownership details. 

4)   You should visit the site along with your sales agent or companion. 

5)   You should check the NOC, ownership history, tax records, and other technicalities before you even start negotiating the price. 

6)   Always consult with a sales agent, practicing lawyer, and the official authorities of the housing scheme in Karachi.


Question: Where is the housing located? 

Answer: Seven Wonders City Karachi is ideally located on the main M-9 Motorway is also accessible from the Malir River Expressway. 

Question: Who are the owners of the scheme in Karachi? 

Answer: Global Financial Solutions (GFS) are the sole owners and developers of the 7 Wonders City Karachi. 

Question: Who is Xtremes Marketing, and how can they help you? 

Answer: Xtremes Marketing is a real estate company in Peshawar. They have some of the best sales agents in Pakistan. The property consultant also offers its global clientele property management solutions, digital marketing services, etc. 

Question: Is it an approved or legal housing society in Karachi? 

Answer: The housing scheme has received a valid no objection certificate NOC from the Planning and Development Control, Jamshoro, Sindh. 

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