Red Alert - Notice Issued to Owners of Six Illegal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

Red Alert - Notice Issued to Owners of Six Illegal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

Attention: Beware of Fraudulent Housing Societies in Rawalpindi! RDA's Crackdown on Illegal Housing Projects Intensifies with a Legal Notice from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). Investors in Rawalpindi, be cautious! Numerous investment scams have been uncovered, prompting RDA to issue a public warning against investing in any housing schemes in the city. Shocking discoveries reveal the presence of over five hundred unapproved housing projects in Rawalpindi. The authorities have initiated legal proceedings against these illegal ventures to safeguard investors from potential real estate scams. These unapproved Rawalpindi housing schemes, operating without official authorization, have now been marked under a red alert for all prospective investors. Exercise extreme caution before considering any investment in these dubious projects. The concerned housing projects in Rawalpindi are accused of on-site development without any approval or even submission of its technical documents to RDA. Stay informed and protect your investments from deceitful practices in Rawalpindi's real estate sector.

List of Illegal Housing Societies in Rawalpindi


Housing Society Name 



Atlantic City Housing Scheme Chak Beli Road  Illegal Housing Society
 2 Century Town Housing Scheme G.T Road Illegal Housing Society
3 Shaheen Garden Moza Takhat Pari Illegal Housing Society
4 Shaheen Garden Mandra Gujar Khan Illegal Housing Society
5 Capital Valley Moza Katarian  Illegal Housing Society
6 Capital Valley Thallian Illegal Housing Society


MP&TE Directorate RDA has previously informed all the marketing and advertisement companies not to promote or advertise any illegal housing society in Rawalpindi. Doing so would also result in a breach of the rule of law followed by suitable repercussions. 


Question: Are there any approved housing schemes in Rawalpindi?

Answer: Yes, there a number of approved housing societies in Rawalpindi.

Question: Is it safe to invest in illegal housing societies in Rawalpindi?

Answer: No, its not favourable to invest in any illegal housing societies in Rawalpindi.

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