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List of Approved Housing Societies in Multan by MDA

List of Approved Housing Societies in Multan by MDA


Multan Development Authority (MDA) is a prominent government organization in Pakistan, playing a pivotal role in the urban development and transformation of the city of Multan.   Through its strategic planning and execution, MDA has contributed significantly to the city's progress and growth.

List of Approved Housing Societies in Multan 

Zone-I (North)

Housing Society Name Location Mouza Area(K) 
Buch Villas Bosan Road Buch Khusraw Abad 1330
Royal Orchard Public School Road Durana Langana 1200
Citi Housing Bosan Road Multan Lutf Abad 997.15 
Sharif City
Off LMQ Road
Jahangir Abad
Al Falah Deffence City Mattital Road Jahangir Abad 72.75 58.38
Ibrahim Northern Bypass Road  Durana Langana 40.5
Falah-ud-Din City Matital Road Durana Langana 53.42
Hamza Villas Multan Public School School Road  Durana Langana 39
VIP SurajMiani Road Alamdi Surah 78
Canal Cantt View Langrial Road Langrial 110
Fatima MA Jinnah Road Durana Langana 52.15
Al Jannat Homes Off Nawab Pur Road Taraf Mubarak Doem 37.6
Green Avenue
Multan Public School Road Kotla Matarban 32
Grand Enclave Northern Bypass Road Durana Langan 62
Faiz-e-Aam Homes Nawabpur Road Basti Nau 37.82
Cantt Canal View Langrial Road Langrial 55.51
Sahara Multan Public School Road Durana Langana 58.96
Classic Villas Shuja Abad Canal Road Langrial, Tindni & Khor Sajri 306
Buch Executive Villas Phase-II Bosan Road Multan Buch Khusro Abad 576.74
Buch Villas Exetenision-I Bosan Road Buch Khusro Abad  1829
Buch Villas Villas (Exetenision-2) Bosan Road Buch Khusro Abad 2191
MDA Officers Cooperative M.A. Jinnah Road Durana Langana 937.76
Liberty Homes/Royal Garden Northern Bypass Road  Durana Langana 169
Royal Orchard (Extension) Multan Public School Road  Durana Langana 3190.25
Citi Housing Private Ltd (Revised Extension) Bosan Road Lutf Abad 1898.63
Paramount Villas LMQ Road Multan Bua Par 54.6
Nistarian's Cooperative Bosan Road Salah Mahy 82.33
Posh Avenue Ghaus Ul Azam Road Taraf Mubarak Doem 27.2
Alfalah Dubai Multan Public School Road, Durana Langana 72.45
New Crystal City LMQ Road,  Sujjan Pur 147.92
Alfalah Sharjah City Multan Public School Road Durana Langana 55.39
Smart Villas M.A. Jinnah Road Bua Pur 28.22
ADAMS Housing Matital Road Jahangirabad 480

Zone-II (South)

Housing Society Name   Location Mouza Area (K)
Adeel Bagh Muzaffar Garh Road,  Samurana 20.4
Al Jawad Town Suraj Kund Road Taraf Daira 10.95
Al-Hamad Canal View Budhla Road Nai Wala 155.94
Dream Garden Extension (Dream Cottages) Askaria Bypass Road Kotla Abul Fatah 200
Eden Off Bahawal Pur Road Kotla Muhammad Baqa 40
Ehtesham City Southern Bypass Road Kot Rab Nawaz Khan 99.75
Fahad Town Multan Bypass Road Hamid Pur Kanora 500.91
Faisal Cottage (Revised) Phase-II Old Shujabad Road Kotla Abul Fatah & Rangeel Pur 399.34
Fine City Southern Bypass Road Arazi Ghulam Mustafa 63.78
Gulastan-e-Ashar Off Bahawal Pur Road Kotla Muhammad Baqa 99.37
Habib Town Off Bahawal Pur Road Dera Muhammadi 24
Inam Wali Muhammad Canal Road Kotla Muhammad Baqa 86
Iram Off Bahawal Pur Road Kotla Muhammad Baqa 36.8
Multan Canal View Bahawalpur Road Dera Muhammadi 247.7
Nayab City Stadium Road Bhaini 95
Rasheed Avenue Bahawalpur Road Ram Kali 31

Zone-II (South)

Housing Society Name Location Mouza Area (K)
Razia Saeed Muzzaffargarh Road Alamgir 103.25
Revised Dream Garden Askaria By-Pass Road Kotla Abul Fatah 780
Sabzwari Town Near New Shams Colony Vehari Road  Kotla Muhammad Baqa 394.75
Sayyam Village Southern Bypass Road Bhaini & Ram Kali 463.68
Shah Jahan Canal View Bahawalpur Road Ram Kali 304.5
Zain Masood Dunya Pur Road Bhaini 58.85
Revised Green Lane Akaria Bypass Road Bakhar Arbi 31.38
Omega City Southern Bypass Road Arazi Ghulam Mustafa Khan 642.88

About Multan Development Authority (MDA)

Established on October 22, 1976, under the Punjab Development of Cities Act, Multan Development Authority (MDA) is a successor body of Multan Improvement Trust (MIT), MDA has been at the forefront of implementing various projects and initiatives to enhance the quality of life for Multan's residents.

MDA's Mandate and Objectives

MDA's primary objective is to develop Multan as a dynamic, inclusive, and well-planned city. It strives to provide modern infrastructure, housing, and recreational facilities while preserving the city's cultural heritage. The authority aims to create sustainable urban spaces that cater to the needs of its citizens, businesses, and visitors. 

MDA's Key Functions and Responsibilities

1. Urban Planning and Development

Multan Development Authority (MDA) is responsible for formulating comprehensive master plans and development strategies to guide Multan's growth in a systematic manner.

2. Infrastructure Development

MDA undertakes major infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, water supply, sewerage systems, and waste management, to ensure a seamless urban environment.

3. Housing Schemes

The authority initiates affordable housing schemes to address the city's increasing population and offer affordable residential options for its citizens.

4. Commercial and Industrial Zones

Multan Development Authority (MDA) strategically designates areas for commercial and industrial development, attracting investments and promoting economic growth.

5. Recreational and Green Spaces

MDA emphasizes creating parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces to enhance the city's livability and promote a healthy lifestyle.

6. Heritage Preservation

Multan Development Authority (MDA) takes measures to preserve Multan's cultural heritage and historical landmarks, ensuring they are protected for future generations.

Notable Projects and Initiatives by MDA

1. Bosan Road Development: 

Multan Development Authority (MDA) has been involved in upgrading and widening Bosan Road, a vital thoroughfare connecting different parts of Multan.

2. Waste Management System

The authority has implemented modern waste management practices to keep Multan clean and eco-friendly.

3. Multan Metrobus

MDA played a key role in establishing the Multan Metrobus system, revolutionizing public transportation in the city.

4. Affordable Housing Schemes

Multan Development Authority (MDA) has launched various housing schemes, providing affordable housing solutions to the city's growing population.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Property In Multan

Investing in approved housing societies of Multan offers a combination of security, growth potential, and a better quality of life. However, as with any investment, it is essential to conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and assess your financial goals before making a decision.

1. Legally Sound Investments

Approved housing societies are legally authorized by the concerned government authorities, ensuring that your investment is secure and protected. You can verify the legitimacy of the society through the relevant government departments.

2. Infrastructure and Amenities

Approved housing societies are developed with a focus on modern infrastructure and amenities. These societies often provide well-designed roads, parks, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

3. Gated and Secure Environment

Most approved housing societies are gated communities with controlled entry and exit points, providing a safer and more secure living environment. This aspect is especially appealing to families and individuals seeking a sense of security.

4. High Return on Investment

As Multan continues to grow and develop, properties in approved housing societies have shown a consistent increase in value over time. This can lead to significant returns on your investment, making it an attractive option for long-term financial gains.

5. Planned Urban Development

Approved housing societies are meticulously planned by urban development experts. This planning ensures that the societies are well-organized, with provisions for essential services, utilities, and green spaces, resulting in a more livable and pleasant environment.

6. Title Verification and Transparency

Before approving a housing society, government authorities conduct thorough checks to verify the land's ownership and legal status. Investing in an approved society reduces the risk of disputes related to land ownership, ensuring transparency in transactions.

7. Ease of Purchase

Buying property in approved housing societies is relatively straightforward compared to dealing with informal or unauthorized developments. The necessary paperwork and legal processes are more streamlined and accessible, making the purchasing process smoother for investors.

8. Community and Social Life

Approved housing societies often foster a sense of community, encouraging social interaction among residents. This can lead to a more fulfilling and enriching living experience.

9. Opportunity for Construction and Rentals

 Investing in approved housing societies provides opportunities to construct homes or develop rental properties. This allows investors to generate rental income or customize their own homes according to their preferences.

10. Resale Value

Approved housing societies tend to have higher resale value due to their well-planned infrastructure and amenities. This can be advantageous if you decide to sell your property in the future.


Multan Development Authority (MDA) is a driving force behind the rapid urban development and infrastructure improvements in Multan, Pakistan. Through its strategic planning and execution, MDA has successfully transformed Multan into a vibrant, modern, and sustainable city. As it continues to undertake ambitious projects and initiatives, MDA remains committed to empowering growth and progress, making Multan a model city for urban development in Pakistan.

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