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Approved Housing Society in Mardan By TMA

Investing in TMA Approved Housing Society in Mardan: A Secure and Lucrative Opportunity


Investing in real estate is a smart decision for those seeking long-term financial security and wealth accumulation. In Mardan, a growing city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, the Tehsil Municipal Committee (TMA) has approved various housing societies, offering individuals an excellent opportunity to invest in a secure and regulated environment. This article explores the benefits of investing in TMA-approved housing societies in Mardan, as well as the risks associated with illegal housing schemes.

List of Approved Housing Society in Mardan

Applicant Name/Concerned Person  Housing Society NOC Status  Land Area 
Sheikh Yasin Township Chinar Gul TMA Mardan Approved 350 Kanal
Bismillah Township Ghafar shah Khatak TMA Mardan Approved 458 Kanal
Green Acre Haris Khan TMA Mardan Approved 1374.8 Kanal
Gulberg Model Town Najeebullah khan TMA Mardan Approved 357 Kanal
Sheikh Shehzad Model Town Haji Shehzad Khan TMA Mardan Approved 275 Kanal
Gulshan Model Town Phase-1 Gul wali TMA Mardan Approved 200 Kanal
Icon Valley Town Pervaiz Khan TMA Mardan Approved 592 Kanal
Orchad Villas Town Inamullah Khan TMA Mardan Approved 231 Kanal
Garden Town Faiz Muhammad khan TMA Mardan Approved 837 Kanal
Icon Life Niaz Muhammad Khan TMA Mardan Approved 332 Kanal
Mardan Enclave Muhammad Younis khan/ Nasir khan TMA Mardan Approved 376 Kanal
Waseem Abbas Prime Housing scheme TMA Mardan Approved 216.66 Kanal
Hanif Ullah Khan Park City TMA Mardan Approved 539.45 Kanal
Khalid Khan Green Mansion TMA Mardan Approved 552 Kanal
Shehriyar Khan Toru Park Avenue TMA Mardan Approved 342.25 Kanal
Haji Gul Wali Gulshan Model Town Phase II TMA Mardan Approved 189 Kanal

Benefits of Investing in TMA-Approved Housing Societies

Legal Compliance and Transparency

TMA-approved housing societies adhere to strict regulations and guidelines set by the governing authority. This ensures that the projects are legally compliant, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and providing investors with peace of mind.

Infrastructure Development

TMA-approved societies prioritize the development of essential infrastructure, such as roads, electricity, water supply, and sewage systems. These amenities not only enhance the quality of life for residents but also increase the value of the properties within the society.

Planned Communities

TMA-approved housing societies follow comprehensive master plans that emphasize the creation of well-organized and planned communities. These societies often incorporate green spaces, parks, educational institutions, and commercial areas, creating a holistic living experience.

Enhanced Security Measures

Approved housing societies in Mardan usually implement robust security systems, including gated entry points, CCTV surveillance, and trained security personnel. This ensures a safe and secure environment for residents and their investments.

Property Appreciation

Investing in a TMA-approved housing society offers the potential for substantial property appreciation over time. As the infrastructure and amenities within the society develop, the value of properties tends to increase, resulting in attractive returns on investment.



List of Approved Housing Societies in Mardan


1. Satellite Smart Homes Mardan

Satellite Smart Homes Mardan is an exceptional and well-developed private housing society in Mardan. The private housing scheme in Mardan is located adjacent to Sheikh Maltoon Mardan, on the main Toru Road, Mardan. The newly developed housing society spans an area of 54 Kanal. Satellite Smart Homes Mardan has obtained its valid no-objection certificate (NOC) from the T.M.A Mardan City.



Toru Road, opposite Abdul Wali Khan University (Garden Campus), adjacent to Sheikh Maltoon Mardan.


NOC Status

Approved by T.M.A Mardan.


2. Noor City Mardan

Noor City Mardan is an approved housing society that has received its valid no-objection certificate (NOC) from T.M.A Mardan. The newly developed housing society in Mardan has ideal accessibility from the main college chowk and the city center, Mardan. Noor City Mardan is a housing project by Al-Noor Developers, making it a reliable investment opportunity.



The Al-Noor project is 10 minutes away from College Chowk and the city center.


NOC Status

Approved by T.M.A Mardan.


3. Multi Villas Mardan

Multi Villas Mardan is an approved housing society in Mardan, ideally located on Eastern By-Pass Road, Mardan.



Multi Villas Mardan is situated on Eastern By-Pass Road, next to Mardan Enclave, and across from Green Acres.

NOC Status


Approved by T.M.A Mardan.


4. Grand City Mardan

Grand City Mardan is an approved housing society, ideally located on the main Toru Road, Mardan City. AKT Enterprises is working on the development of the mega-housing society in Mardan City. Mr. Aminullah Khan Toru (AKT) is the sole owner of the mega-project.


Grand City Mardan is ideally located on the main Toru Road.

NOC Status

No-objection certificate (NOC) from the Mardan Development Authority (MDA).

Risks of Investing in Illegal Housing Schemes 

Lack of Legal Protection

Illegal housing schemes operate outside the purview of regulatory authorities, leaving investors vulnerable to fraudulent practices. In the absence of legal protection, individuals risk losing their investments without any recourse.

Absence of Infrastructure Development

Illegal housing schemes often lack proper infrastructure development, including basic utilities and amenities. This can lead to subpar living conditions and a depreciation in property value, making it difficult to attract potential buyers or tenants in the future.

Uncertain Legal Status

Investing in an illegal housing scheme exposes individuals to the risk of the scheme being shut down by the authorities. Such closures can result in the loss of investments and leave buyers in legal battles to recover their funds.

Limited Resale Potential

Properties within illegal housing schemes face challenges when it comes to resale. Buyers are cautious about investing in properties with uncertain legal status, limiting the potential buyer pool and making it harder to sell the property when needed.


Investing in a TMA-approved housing society in Mardan is a wise decision for individuals looking for a secure and lucrative opportunity in the real estate market. These societies offer legal compliance, well-planned infrastructure, enhanced security, and the potential for property appreciation. Conversely, investing in illegal housing schemes poses significant risks, including lack of legal protection, uncertainty in the legal status of the scheme, and limited resale potential. Make an informed decision and secure your investment by choosing TMA-approved housing.



Question: Are there any approved housing societies in Mardan City?

Answer: There are a number of approved housing societies in Mardan city, some of these top housing schemes are as follows:

  • Satellite Smart Homes Mardan
  • Noor City Mardan
  • Multi Villas Mardan
  • Grand City Mardan

Question: Is is safe to invest in Mardan City?


Answer: Mardan is one of the culturally enriched and ideally located cities in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P). There are tons of business oppertunities in Mardan City, as well there are top class housing schemes in the region.

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