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How to Check Property Documents in Karachi

How to Check Property Documents in Karachi - News & Updates

Karachi is one of the region's busiest, most beautiful business powerhouse. After the initiatives taken by the government and security forces, the city of light is back on track. So, as the real estate of Karachi, multiple housing schemes are developed across the mega-city, such as Bahria Town, DHA, and others, etc. Here is a list of some modern societies in Karachi. Before you buy a plot for sale in Karachi or even invest in a high-rise, you should know the details related to the property document. In the real estate business, it's essential to know "How to Check Property Documents in Karachi." Continue reading below if it finds your interest.

What are the different types of land records available?

Depending upon the nature of real estate or property in Karachi, you can search for three types of land records. The details are given below:

  1. Village Form II (Urban Property Register, which is usually related to small cities of Sindh)
  2. Village Form VII-A (Rewriting/ Reconstruction of Record - Mainly Agricultural Land)
  3. Village Form VII-B (Agricultural Land/ Mutation Register)

Official e-portals To Check Property Documents in Karachi

You can check property documents in Karachi by visiting the following e-portals given as follows:

  • Search for Land Administration and Record Management Information System Sindh (LARIMS) on the following URL-
  • Go to Main Menu and click on "Property Registration."   
  • As per your preferences, enter your name or CNIC in the search bar.
  • Now you will see search options; enter the "District Name."
  • Further, select the name of your Tehsil/taluka (in Sindhi).
  • Now, enter the specific name of the land area or your region.
  • You will see a CAPTCHA pop-up and solve it.
  • You will see a drop-down list, select the area of your property from it and submit.

Why check If Your Property Is Legally Verified

It's essential to know about the history and ownership of the property you are buying. It would add value and security to your investment on any level. Below are some of the benefits of verifying property from the official authorities, given as below:

  • Financial Stability
  • Convenience in Possession of the Property
  • Convenience in the Re-Sale of the Property

Important Documents to Verify a Property In Karachi 

Title Deed

A title deed is a document which holds the rights to sell the property. It shows the authority of the ownership and right to sell the real estate legally.Before, you buy any property in Karachi, better check the title deed in detailed form.

Sale Deed

A sale deed plays an fundamental role in the to complete the transfer of ownership related to a property. The sale deed is mutually signed by the both the buyer and seller of the property, once the aggrement is completed between the two parties.  All the arrears should be cleared by the seller of the property before the sale deed is finalized. After signing and completion of the sale deed the property ownership is officially transfered to the buyer.

Mother Deed

Such a document which holds the history of ownership related to the concerned property. The ownership details in title deed changes each time the property is sold, which requires to have a mother document which holds the name of all the owners. Also, a mother deed has details related to the origin of the property, and how it came into the seller's possession i.e. purchase, or inheritance etc.If the mother deed is not availible, you can get the required details from the authorities with in which jurisdiction the property lies.A mother deed helps you to track down the property owners in an authentic manner. 

Intimation of Disapproval

An intimation of disapproval contains the details related to the approval of civil plans, along with the building permits. The initimation of disapproval has the technical information related to the conditions related to development of property across its different stages. Intimation of Disapproval holds great relevance for the under-development housing schemes and high-rise buildings.The intimation of Disapproval has all the details related to the no objection certificate (NOC) asssociated to the development or local authority.

Approved Plan of the Property

The approved plan of property is a technical document which ensures that the building, housing society, or property is constructive as per the framework approved.The approved plan of property ensures that the property has no legal issues as per the approved framework by the concerned authorities. 

Purchase Agreement

A legal and valid documents which holds the information related to the purchase aggreement, conditions, payment terms, and other deadlines etc. The purchase aggreement should be made even before the completion of transactions.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is required to be registered and validity with a legal authority or entity.A power of attorney provides a specific indiviual with the power to take decision instead of the owner or other person.Any person who is granted with the power of attorney, has the power to buy, rent, or sell the property.

Completion Certificate

Once a housing society, high-rise buidling, or other property completes development as per legal standards they are awarded by the completion certificate.A completion certificate provides legitmacy to the property which has completed its developement as per the standards set by the authorities in its jurisdiction.

Property Tax Receipts

Before, buying a property make it sure you get all the property tax reciepients from the owner.If the owner does not have it connect with the relevant authorities i.e RDA, PDA, SBCA, CDA etc. who can provide you additional information about the property tax recipients. 

Example of Property Tax Receipts

  • Stamp duty
  • Advance Tax
  • Capital Value Tax (CVT)


Question: Who can search the record?   

Answer: A citizen whose Identity has been registered in the government records (Land Records) since 1985 and onward can search for the records.

Question: Record of which district is available?

Answer: Yes, the record comprises all districts or Dehs of Sindh.

Question: What kind of records are available?

Answer: Following are the three different types of land records available:

  • Village Form II (Urban Property Register which is usually related to small cities of Sindh)
  • Village Form VII-A (Rewriting/ Reconstruction of Record - Mainly Agricultural Land)
  • Village Form VII-B (Agricultural Land/ Mutation Register)

Question: Why is this application providing limited information on Land Records?

Answer: The facility or e-portals offer limited access to land records due to keeping the privacy of the land owners.

Question: How can I obtain complete information?

Answer: Yes, you can obtain complete information related to the land records by visiting the nearest People Service Center in the vicinity of the Deputy Commissioner's office.

Further details are provided on the "Search Result" page, or you can also visit the following site -

Question: What if I find errors or spelling mistakes in my record?

Answer: To file a complaint or request changes in your land records, connect with the officials at -

Question: Is there any fee for downloading this Mobile Application?

Answer: There is no fee or membership payment related to downloading the mobile application for accessing -

Question: Why is the record of other land-owning agencies, like KDA, KMC, etc., not available here?

Answer: For now, only the land records under the Board of Revenue Sindh are available to access on this portal. While the rest of the land records related to KDA, KMC, etc., are not on it.

Question: My land record is old, and NIC was not used then. How do I search by record?

Answer: We have a simple solution for you, follow the steps below:

  • It would help if you visited the nearby People Service Center in the vicinity of the Deputy Commissioner's office to get a valid copy of your Revenue Record.
  • Details of your CNIC or Fingerprints along with your authentic photograph. The official will process these files and attach them with your copy of the revenue record.
  • Going through the stages mentioned earlier will ensure the security of your land records and make it convenient to search them online.

Question: How can I check ownership of property in Karachi?

Answer: You should visit the online e-portals given at -

Question: How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan?

Answer: To Check Property Ownership in Pakistan, visit -

Question: How do you check if a property is valid?

Answer: You can visit the e-portals such as "" where you check if a property is valid.

Question: How do you check if a Housing Society is legal or illegal?
Answer: check Registered housing societies in karachi and SBCA illegal properties list.

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