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How to get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan

How to get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan

You would be very curious about the worth of your real estate, as you would be looking for information about, “How to get the property valuation certificate Pakistan”. There are tons of reasons to know about the property valuation certificate if you are buying or selling property inside Pakistan. This blog has all the technical details which would help you answer all your question related to “How to get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan”.

The Federal Board of Revenue Govt. of Pakistan is the solely responsible department inside the country which deals with all types of real estate operations whether it’s taxation or other online services. When the property valuation is processed in a legal and more professional manner then it can help assess the current target property price in an open and competitive real estate market.



What is a property valuation certificate in Pakistan?

Property valuation involves the assessment of real estate on several factors including the property location, design, structure history, soil testing, positioning, etc. A professional sales agent or surveyor would collect all your relevant information and assess them before providing you with a legal property valuation certificate. The documents are processed through different legal parameters and standards leading to a finalized value for the real estate inside Pakistan.


How to find out the property valuation in Pakistan

1.          Go to -

2.         Select the - Valuation of Immovable Properties From the side menu.

3.         You would see the “Rates of Valuation of Immovable Properties in the Following Cities Are”.

4.         Select from the region/city/district where the property is located.

5.         You would then see the Following: “Revision of Value of Immovable Properties of Peshawar”.

6.         Download the PDF file which has the details about the Valuation of Different properties both residential and commercial.


Documents required for acquiring the property valuation certificate in Pakistan

You should not be giving away any unique or legit documents related to your property as they are way sensitive. Always provide a copy of documents along with which accompany the consultant whenever the processing property evaluation is in order.

1. Copy of Property Owner's CNIC.

2. Title Ownership (Allotment / Transfer Letter).

3. In the case of Land - the Registry / Fard / Inteqal details.




To get the property valuation certificate in Pakistan you would be required to contact a real estate consultant or expert surveyor which would help you assess your property. The certification however would be provided to you by the real estate consultant after processing the legal procedures highlighted above.  


FAQs about Property Valuation Report

Question: What is a property valuation report?

Answer: An official transcript received by the property owner about the property or house condition and its total value or worth in the competitive real estate market. 

A property valuation report is helpful to both buyers and sellers in the real estate of Pakistan. 


Question: Who can do the valuation of the property?

Answer: You would be required to consult with a licensed lawyer or any other professional sales agent who can guide you through the process. 

While the property valuation certificate is issued by the Excise and Taxation Department of the government, learn more about it on the following links:


For Punjab:

For KP :

For Islamabad:

For Sindh:

For Balochistan:


Question: How long does a valuation report take?

Answer: The property report or certificate can be issued within 5 to 10 days. 


Question: What should a property valuation report contain?

Answer: A property valuation certificate or report should contain the following details: 

• Size building

• Construction materials used in the construction of the building

• Height of the building rooms

• Location of building

• Land itself and the landscape of the building


Question: Can I get a free valuation on my house?

Answer: You can get the property valuation certificate from the Excise and Taxation Certificate.

But when it comes to the consultation services provided by the licensed lawyer, surveyor, or sales executive, you would need to pay for that. 


Question: Who is a valuation surveyor?

Answer: A professional certified and licensed professional to conduct the valuation of a residential, commercial, or industrial property. 


The valuation surveyor can offer you the best advice regarding the property's investment, development, and management. Valuation surveyors may be called commercial and residential surveyors.

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