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How to transfer property ownership in Pakistan

How to transfer property ownership in Pakistan

If you are a property owner or buyer, you should know more about transferring property ownership in Pakistan. There is a procedure to follow to secure the transfer of properties inside Pakistan. This blog would likely help you understand how to transfer property ownership in Pakistan.To transfer property ownership in Pakistan, you need to understand some important concepts and abide by the rules highlighted by the Constituency of Pakistan.

  • In Pakistan, transfer of property ownership means a change of "Owner's title".

  • It may also include dealings related to mortgages, gift deeds, leases, and exchanges.

  • Transfer of property ownership includes changing the title of an owner from one person to another.

What Is Immovable Property?

Legally, any possession of yours that can be relocated rather than fixed to the Earth or ground itself is immovable property. The position or location of the immovable property cannot be changed; rather, the nature of the immovable property can be changed.

Type of immovable property

  • Plots

  • Houses

  • Apartments

  • Shops

  • All types of built buildings or structures

Type of immovable property

Who can transfer property in Pakistan?

There are certain parameters set by the government of Pakistan when it comes to the transfer of property ownership in Pakistan. Per the Act 1872 of constitute of Pakistan 'a binding agreement between two parties.

A person cannot be part of any binding agreement if:

  • The person is a minor or under the age of 18 Years.

  • If the person is mentally unstable and does not know about the outcomes of any binding agreement between parties.

  • Any legally prohibited person to be part of any binding agreement.

  • For further details related to legal procedures, one should consult with a lawyer.

The Procedure for Transferring and Selling Property in Pakistan

To understand "How to transfer property ownership in Pakistan". There is a very clear and concise procedure for transferring property ownership in Pakistan. There are two important concepts which are as follows:

1. Token

A token is the amount of money the buyer pays to the seller to show a willingness to purchase the immovable property. If the deal does not succeed and breaks down, then the token is refurbished with some deductions as per the situation.

2. Bayana

The next stage after processing the token is the "Bayana", which is the amount paid by the buyer once both parties agree upon the terms. The Bayana is accompanied by some contract agreements with stamp papers.

Details of the property sale agreement form in Pakistan

There is a specific set of documentation that is required to be handed over to the buyer from the seller's side. They are attached to the Bayana and other associated stamp papers.Below are the mentioned documents which are required at the time of transferring property ownership in Pakistan:

  • The property's authentic details, i.e. maps, history of Purchase, etc.

  • The agreement terms are in written signed form.

  • Official documentation of the total amount of money that is yet too transferred.

  • Most importantly, the date for full payment by the buyer to complete the property ownership transfer.

The following Documents are also required to accompany when processing the transfer of property ownership in Pakistan:

  • Two recent pictures from both parties, i.e. buyer and seller

  • Both buyer and seller should provide their authentic National Identity Cards (NIC).

  • There is also a requirement to provide the title deed that proves the seller's ownership.

  • There should also be a signed contract agreement with the buyer and seller. The signed contract agreement is considered to be one of the essential documents when it comes to real estate in Pakistan.

For the acquisition of Stamp Paper and processing the payment of taxes related to real estate

You should know more about the taxes imposed on real estate ownership transfer inside Pakistan.

Take note of the following tax breakdown: 

  • There is a 3 percent stamp duty on property ownership transfers in Pakistan.

  • 2 percent of the CVT (Capital Value Tax) on property ownership transfers in Pakistan.

  • As per the real estate regulations, 1 percent of the District Council Fee is charged on the property ownership transfers in Pakistan.

  • There is usually a PKR 500 fixed registration fee for property ownership transfers in Pakistan.

Write down a sale deed

  • You should consult with a deed writer, mainly a lawyer who drafts a sale deed for the real estate inside Pakistan.

  • There is also relevant information given on the PLRARDP (Punjab Land Record Authority's Registration of Deeds Portal), like checking property ownership, property online registration, etc.

Process and Execute the Sale Deed

  • You should take the sales deed and inscribe it with the stamp paper attached with the requisite documents mentioned in this blog.

  • Submit all the relevant documents to the sub-registrar's office. A magistrate or sub-registrar would hear the buyer and seller involved in the property dealings.

  • When both parties are satisfied with the proceedings with the magistrate, the official approves the transaction along with the registration of the deed.

  • After the sale deed registration, the property owner's process is completed.


Question: What are the property prices in Pakistan in 2022?
Answer: Depending upon the place you buy the real estate. Property prices in Pakistan vary based on location, legal status, size, building infrastructure, and many more. 

Question: How do I find the best property in Pakistan?

Answer: You should visit our site to find the best property listed with all the relevant details. 

Question: Which bank gives a loan against property in Pakistan?

Answer: Most of the banks in Pakistan offers loan against property in Pakistan, and all this is on easy plans. 

Question: How do I transfer property to a family member?

Answer: You can quickly transfer property to any family member. Read the above details related to the transferred property to a family member. 

Question: How do I transfer the property of a deceased without a will?

Answer: It's effortless as you can consult with a lawyer or any other professional who can help you out when transferring the property of a deceased who has no will. 

Question: What is the future of the property market in Pakistan?

Answer: Real estate in Pakistan is very promising and secure. You can find the best properties in Pakistan with excellent rental yield and high resale value.  

Question: Name of government authority responsible for transferring property ownership in Pakistan?

Answer: FBR(Federal Board of Revenue - Government of Pakistan) is responsible for transferring property ownership in Pakistan. You can also check the details on the PLRARDP (Punjab Land Record Authority's Registration of Deeds Portal). 

Question: How much time does it take to transfer property ownership in Pakistan? 

Answer: It takes about four to six weeks to transfer property ownership in Pakistan. 

Question: How long does the property transfer take at the Deeds office?
Depending upon the sensitivity of your case and the documents submitted. It would take the Deeds office about 2 — 3 weeks to process your documents.

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