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New Peshawar Valley Approved by PDA Overview.



The government of Pakistan has looked into the needs of the population and has introduced the "New Peshawar Valley housing scheme".

Are you planning to move to Peshawar? Are you an investor looking for the best housing scheme? What options are there for you in the real estate industry? 

Most people would only argue about investing in DHA Peshawar or Regi Model Town, which are trending in the market. But what else can you invest in or buy a plot for sale in the city of flowers? 

New Peshawar Valley is an ideal society where residents can enjoy an eco-friendly, futuristic, and modern lifestyle. All sizes and types of plots for sale are highlighted in the Payment Plan. Unlink many other projects in Pakistan; top architectural firms aesthetically design the map. 

After conducting brief research by Xtremes Marketing, we collected some crucial information about the recent updates about the approved society by PDA (Peshawar Development Authority).

The housing scheme is the next mega-project, from state-of-the-art infrastructure to extensive town planning. It has the best facilities and is connected to all the major business hubs via several routes.


The provincial government has decided to implement a new approved government-funded scheme in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P) that will include all standard amenities and town planning.

Formerly known as Gandhara City the government scheme is located near Jalozai and has direct access to the main GT road and Northern Bypass. The New Peshawar Valley will consist of 62,056 residential plots.

Formerly known as Gandhara City, the government scheme is located near Jalozai and has direct access to the main GT road and Northern Bypass. The New Peshawar Valley will consist of 62,056 residential plots.

The new Peshawar valley housing scheme map is levered by green zones, public parks, modern recreational spaces, commercial zones, and residential blocks. The housing society in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P) also consists of the following blocks: 

  • Medical Complex - 2,359 Kanals
  • Provincial Assembly – 832 Kanals
  • Education City – 3,021 Kanals
  • Media Enclave - 1,132 Kanals


The housing scheme aims to house more than 62,000 families and other businesses. Not just the sheer size of the housing society but its modern masterplan and excellent amenities have attracted an unbelievable investment.

New Peshawar Valley would be three times the size of Regi Model Town and six times the size of Hayatabad Peshawar, making the housing scheme one of the ideally located and futuristic housing societies in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P), Pakistan.  

Chief Minister Mahmood Khan has directed the concerned authorities to speed up the development work on the "New Peshawar Valley, Peshawar." PDA (Peshawar Development Authority) is the developer of the best housing authority in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P).

New Peshawar Valley Location in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P)

New Peshawar Valley is located in the vicinity of Jalozai, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. People can reach housing the housing scheme from the central business hubs in the province, which makes it one of the best places for you to invest in the region. 

Internationally recognized and Professional engineers are involved in designing the government-funded scheme map. The location of New Peshawar valley makes it accessible from various residential and commercial hubs in the vicinity of district Nowshera. You should consult our sales agent in Peshawar about the new Peshawar valley file rate before you make a final transaction. 



new peshawar valley location

New Peshawar Valley Master Plan


Following will be the size of residential plots inside the New Peshawar Valley in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P):

Total Land For the mega-project: 108,000 Kanals, Which will also include Access Road to the Housing society (Tehsil + District Peshawar, Tehsil + District Nowshera).


Sr. No.

Land Use

No. of Plots


3 Marla

Above 15000


5 Marla

Above 16000


7 Marla

Above 2000


10 Marla

Above 9,526


1 Kanal

Above 13,415


2 Kanal

Above 1000


4 Kanal

Above 500


If you are an interested investor and want to know more about the legal society, given below are some of the details for you in percentages: 


• Residential Plots: 41 percent to residential.


• Roads & Infrastructure: 28 percent area to roads and other infrastructures.


• Residential apartments:36 percent area of the housing scheme


• Parks and open spaces: 16 percent of the area for parks and open spaces


• Graveyards: Two percent area has been proposed for graveyards


• Allocated Budget: Not Specified


• Area Allocated: 186,400 Kanal


• Timeline: Not Specified

Dedicated Zones in New Peshawar Valley


Sr. No.

Land Use

No. of Plots


Media Enclave

1,132 Kanal


Sports Complex

2,751 Kanal


Educational City

3,021 Kanal


Provincial Assembly

832 Kanal


Medical Complex

2,359 Kanal



New Peshawar Valley Zoning Plan

Number of Dedicated Zones in New Peshawar Valley

Dedicated Zone


Health Zone




Industrial Zones




Recreational Zone


Sports Zone


Residentials zone

New Peshawar Valley Zoning Plan

New Peshawar Valley Khyber Park 2023


New Peshawar Valley houses a beautiful and well-facilitated park, covering 1000 acres of the total land. Khyber Park is ideally located in the heart of New Peshawar Valley, attracting even more investors to the region.

Sr. No.


Area (Acres)

Area (Kanal)


9 Hole Golf Course








Cultural Village




Ghandhara Museum




Theme Park




Park and Forest




Adventure Arena




Circulation and Tracks



The capacity of the Population 


It can support more than 0.80 Million Inhabitants conveniently.

Seismic Zone

Top seismic experts have analyzed the Project location. Its master planning spreads across a moderate 2-B Seismic Zone.


Flooding System

Secure and Capable of Handling Emergency Situations. New Peshawar Valley consists of a modern and operational flooding system to avoid emergencies. 


Roads and Other Infrastructure

· Access Road for backlog areas (With Fence)

· Commercial Route for HTVs and other operations

· Service Road along with the double road inside the housing society.

· Green Zone and Sidewalk/footpath

· Carriage and Rapid Transit Corridor.





New Peshawar valley NOC - Is New Peshawar Valley Approved?

After several years in the loop, the New Peshawar Valley got the provincial government's attention. Its master plan got approval from PDA.

The NOC (No objection certificate) is also allotted to the housing scheme making a giant leap in recent years. The master plan is evaluated by an internationally recognized team of experts and approved by the PDA (Peshawar Development Authority). 



New Peshawar Valley Salient Features

Here are some of the excellent salient features of New Peshawar Valley:


  Public buildings

There are well-facilitated and secured government offices opening soon in the Peshawar Valley housing scheme. PDA's Peshawar Valley project ensures residents' enjoyment and security.

We are the people who deal in real estate for sale and guide them through the different steps of the property deal. 


 Commercial spaces

Investors knee to kick-start their business and dominate the Market should go for the investment in approved mega-projects in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P). It has a whole number of commercial hubs for both its local and international investors. 


 Public Parking

Kids love to go out on weekends and enjoy themselves with their friends. There are several public parks in New Peshawar Valley, with all kinds of facilities and security, ensuring that residents can enjoy quality time in one of the best housing schemes in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P)


 Family parks

Family parks are essential to any developed housing society, adding value to families' lifestyles and improving social well-being.

Peshawar Valley by PDA has added a high number of family parks to its map. 


Recreational and Open Spaces

Whether it’s a special occasion or any other call for recreational activities, the housing society is leveraged with recreational and open spaces. 



Death is a harsh reality, but we all have to face it. The developers also took care of that and allowed a large portion of land for the graveyard. 


Utility areas

While living in the new Peshawar valley, you will get all the modern facilities. The utility areas in New Peshawar Valley are one of the best and well-equipped. 


Wide and Double lane roads

Unlike any other government scheme in Pakistan, the Map has been engineered to support rush hours. The approved housing society in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P) has double land and wide carpeted roads connecting all its residential and commercial zones.  


Gated Community

It is a gated community, as it only lets residents and other authorized visitors explore the housing society. The government scheme offers its inhabitants a lavish and secure lifestyle. 



A dedicated security team maintains peace and prosperity inside the housing society. 


Sports City

You are a Pakistani means you would love to play more games. The approved society by PDA  has some of the best and most well-facilitated sports centres.


Isn't it amazing to start the art sports city with easy instalment plans and market-competitive file rates?


Education City

There are international-standard schools, colleges, and universities. Residents of the housing society can enjoy a high-flying career and explore opportunities while living in a secure and eco-friendly environment.

Health City

From small clinics to mega-medical complexes, the approved housing society has several facilities available to its residents.

Along with being an ideal business hub and a residential city, the  scheme payment plan is also its main feature of having a healthy city.


salient features of new Peshawar valley


 What is exciting in the New Peshawar Valley


Cultural Village

Experience a diverse, linguistic, and artistic, cultural village in the government scheme. 


Gandhara Museum

Gandhara Civilization plays a vital role in human history. The approved housing society also houses a well-facilitated museum dedicated to the Gandhara Civilization


Theme Park

One of the places where teenagers and kids love to stay is Theme Park. Residents of the modern housing society in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P) can enjoy exploring Theme Park in the mega-project. 


Forest Area

PDA knows about the ongoing climate changes and the impact of green zones.

The approved society has a well-developed forest area accessible from all residential and commercial zones. 


Adventure Area

The adventure area located in the society has been equipped with all the possible modern facilities.

New Peshawar Valley Payment Plan 

The authorities released no specific payment plans regarding the PDA-approved society. But it would be very soon that we would see a new place with the best prices in Peshawar city.



Looking at its map, any middle-class person can buy plot files in the new Peshawar valley and start a dream house in the city's heart. The available plots for sale are characterized by having highly trending prices in the real estate of Pakistan. 

New Peshawar Valley Payment Plan

Is it Safe to Invest in New Peshawar Valley?


New Peshawar Valley is an excellent scenic housing project with all types of plots for sale. The approved housing society has received its NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the PDA (Peshawar Development Authority), which makes it an ideal housing society in Peshawar.


The CM (Chief Minister) of K-P (Khyber-Pukhtunkhwa), Mr Mehmmod Khan, has directed all the officials and related development authorities to speed up work on the housing project in Peshawar. In the interests of development authorities and all the officials in the government scheme, you should invest and buy plots for sale in the ideal housing society.


Below are the FAQs(frequently asked questions) related to the approved housing society in Peshawar. The plots available for sale are one of the best investment opportunities any modern housing society can offer buyers in Pakistan. 


Why you should invest in the scheme 


There are several landmarks located in New Peshawar Valley. The housing scheme connects  residents to major business hubs like Peshawar city, Nowshera, Islamabad, etc.

With the approval of its master plan, the housing scheme would offer a high rental yield and, of course, a golden opportunity for real estate investors to double up their money. 

Step-Wise Guide to Complete Application Form of New Peshawar Valley

An official form for the New Peshawar Valley can be received or downloaded from the PDA official website. Please continue reading below for the submission of a complete application form for a New Peshawar Valley.

Step-Wise Guide to Complete Application Form

  •         Request an official application form from the New Peshawar Valley authorities
  •          Please complete the application and attach two copies of your attested CNIC copy.
  •          You will require to get an attested General Power Of Attorney (copy) from the Sub-Registrar
  •          Buyers will also need a sale deed related to the deal.
  •          The received sale deed is required to be attested by the Sub-Registrar office.
  •          You will also attach the latest Fard-e-Malkiat (received from Patwari, Qanungo, and Revenue office) to the application.
  •       Our sales agent will guide you in connecting all parts of the Sarkars from the governing Jamabandi. It will lead to the generation of the latest entitlement of the applicant or buyer.
  •          Buyers will also be required to attach a NOC with consent from both parties.
  •          The applicant will also be required to secure an NEC (No Encumbrance Certificate) attested by the Sub-Registrar office.
  •          Along with all the documents, you will also be required to secure an affidavit of Rs. 100/- stamp paper.
  •          Submit all the required payments of the application form and attach a copy of the challan with the application.

FAQs About New Peshawar Valley


Question: Where is New Peshawar Valley, Peshawar Located?

Answer: New Peshawar Valley is located near Jalozai, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The government scheme location map is designed and implemented by some of the best engineers and designers who know the best in developing any PDA housing scheme in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (K-P). 

Question: Is it an Approved housing society?

Answer: New Peshawar Valley is an approved housing society that has received its NOC (No Objection Certificate) from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). 


Question: Who are the Owners and Developers

Answer: The approved housing society is government-funded and is underdeveloped by the PDA (Pakistan Development Authority). New Peshawar valley files are available to the customer now, offering commercial and residential plots for sale at the best rates. 


Question: How can you buy a plot for sale in a government-funded scheme in Pakistan?

Answer: You can connect with one of the sales agents in Peshawar or sales executives who can guide you through buying plots for sale in the housing society. To get competitive market pricing for the society's plot files, connect with one of our sales agents in Peshawar. 


Question: List of PDA housing schemes? 

Answer: Other than Peshawar Valley City, there are a number of modern housing societies approved by PDA, some of them: 

  • Hayatabad Peshawar
  • Regi Model Town Peshawar 
  • New Peshawar Valley City,  Peshawar


While the Peshawar Valley project map is far more extensive than the other two mentioned above, which are also the PDA Housing scheme in Peshawar, investors and Buyers are more attracted to the housing project located near Jalozai, Nowshera. 





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