Top 6 Best Areas to set up an office in Peshawar.

Top 6 Best Areas to set up an office in Peshawar.

Are you looking to start your business in Peshawar? Do you want to know more about the different areas in Peshawar which can suit your business needs? Peshawar is one of the best places and serves as an economic engine of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P). The city has a mix of commercial and residential neighbourhoods: several government offices and other sensitive headquarters of some state institutions in Pakistan. To help you identify the most suitable place for setting up your office in Peshawar, we have handpicked the best locations in Peshawar.

Now, let's explore which part of the city suits you perfectly!

A list of Top 6 Best Areas to set up an office in Peshawar

We have some of the best areas to set up an office in Peshawar, which are as follows:


University Road, Peshawar

Everybody knows that University Road, Peshawar, houses several businesses. Several brands are on University Road, Peshawar, from clothing to food outlets. Considered one of the poshest neighbourhoods in the mega-city, it is also one of the sought-after business hotspots. University Road is preoccupied with exquisitely designed properties, corporate spaces, and residential complexes.

The locations connect most of the landmarks and can be easily reached now that BRT is running across it. While you can have the best office or flats on rent, it would cost you a bit more on main university road, Peshawar.

Saddar Bazar Peshawar

Tons of business houses are located in the densest region of Peshawar. Saddar Bazar Peshawar has been the centre of several businesses and has the highest rental yield in Peshawar. Most private companies' offices and corporate headquarters are located in the vicinity of Saddar Bazar Peshawar. It's a business-centric region where any startup or other business can overgrow. The area is connected to the rest of the city, including a railway station and BRT system.

Saddar Bazar Peshawar has all the ingredients to grow your business from luxury apartments to highly facilitated corporate hubs. You can explore the different corporate spaces and commercials inside the region, enabling you to generate more revenue.

H2. Hayatabad Peshawar

One of the well-known residential areas inside Peshawar also has some of the best corporate hubs. There are well-equipped commercial districts and high-rise towers in Hayatabad Peshawar. Commuting from Hayatabad Peshawar is not a problem with BRT, a shuttle bus running across it, and other transport available to the residents. The rent range is also not that high compared to other major cities in Pakistan.


University Town

It is one of the most sought places for NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and other private firms in Peshawar. University Town has made its reputation for being a secure and posh area to set up a corporate space/office in Peshawar. There are high-rise towers equipped with covered car parking, stand-by generators, safe entry/exit points, etc. The area is leveraged with excellent pedestrian bridges and bus stops.


Warsak Road

Warsak road has a reputation for being one of the densest commercial spaces in the region. It has most of the sensitive buildings and other government offices. You can rent out the best corporate space for setting up your office near Warsak Road Peshawar.


New Peshawar Valley

New Peshawar Valley is a new housing scheme with tremendous business potential would be pulsing with commerce and life. New Peshawar Valley will have about 36 per cent of commercial space, making it a perfect place to set up any office. New Peshawar Valley will have a plethora of opportunities for commercial investors.



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