What are the land measuring units in Pakistan?

 What are the land measuring units in Pakistan?

If you are a property owner or interested in the real estate industry of Pakistan, you should know more about “What are the land measuring units in Pakistan?”. There are several standards for measuring any real estate or property, but some general and specific criteria are given in detailed form inside this blog. The following detailed blog would add more beneficial knowledge about the land measuring units in Pakistan.

Why know more about the land measuring units in Pakistan

You might have heard of Marla, Kanal, Square foot, etc., but to what standard are these units equivalent?It becomes a very hectic job to deal with the real estate of Pakistan if you don’t know about some of the land measuring units in Pakistan. To find it out, we have the following conversion tables that increase your knowledge about the land measuring units in Pakistan, as well as some other conventional units for weights and time with details. 

History of Measuring Units 

Traces of measurement units are found in the early "Indus Valley Civilization," while some samples are also found dated back to the 5th millennium BCE.  At first, the measurement units were way simple; in pastoral societies, people used barter to exchange goods or services through standard units of measurement.

List of Measuring Units

  • Linear Measure of Land
  • The Square Measure of Land.Units Native to Pakistan
  • Basic Units used in certain parts of the country
  • Conversion of the Chain
  • British Units
  • Metric Units.Master Conversion Table
  • Weights Unit.Traditional Units Used in Rural & Remote Areas
  • Weight Units as Per UN
  • Time Units in Pakistan

land measurement units in Pakistan

Linear Measure of Land

Basic Unit

Conversion Value

1 inch

2.54 centimeters

1 foot

30.48 centimeters

1 yard

91.44 centimeters

1 mile

1.61 kilometers

1 Ghatta

8.25 feet

 The Square Measure of Land

1 square foot

0.093 square metre

1 square yard

0.836 square metre

1 square mile

2.59 square kilometre = 259 hectares

1 acre

0.405 hectares

1 Acre

4 Bigha 16 Biswa (4840 sq.Yds)

1 Bigha

20 Biswas (1008 sq.Yds)

1 Biswa

50 Sq. Yards

 Units native to Pakistan

1 Karam

5.5 feet

1 Marla

9 Sq karams (272.25 sq ft)

1 Kanaal 

20 marlas (5,445 sq ft)

1 Keela

8 kanaals (43,560 sq ft = 1 acre)

1 Marabba

25 keelas (1,089,000 sq ft = 25 acres)

Basic units used in certain parts of the country are given below:

1 Karam

5.5 ft. = 1.67 m

1 sq. Karam

5.5 x 5.5 ft. = 30.25 Sq. ft

1 Pole

9 Sq Karam = 272.25 Sq. ft

40 pole

1 Rod = 10890 Sq. ft

4 Rod

1 Acre = 43560 Sq. ft

 The conversion of the chain is as follows:

1 inch

10 Chain

1 Chain

66 feet or 22 yards

10 chains

1 furlong

1 furlong

201.168 Metres

 British Units

12 inches

1 foot

3 feet

1 yard

9 Square Feet

1 square yard

121 Square yard

1 Guntha

40 Gunthas

1 acre

 Metric Units

1000 Millimetres

1 Metre

100 Square Metres

1 Are

100 Ares

1 Hectare

Master Conversion Table

1 Inch

2.54 Centimetre

36 Inches

1 yard

1 yard

91.44 Centimetres

1 yard

00.9144 Metres

1 Centimetre

00.393 inches

100 Centimetres

39.3 inches

1 Metre

3.28 ft

1 acre

1 furlong X 1 chain

1 acre

660 ft X 66 ft

1 acre

43560 Sq. ft

1 acre

4840 square yards

1 acre

4046.8564224 Square Metres

1 hectare

10,000 Square Metre

1 hectare

107,639 sq ft

1 hectare

11959.8 sq. yards (1 sq. yard = 0.83612736 sq. Metre)

1 hectare

11959.8/4840 = 2.47 acre

 Weights Unit

Here are some of the remotely and standardly used weights units are as follows: 

Traditional Units Used in Rural & Remote Areas

Pakistan System 

British/Troy System 

Metric System 

1 Tolä

≈ 0.375 t oz

11.66375 g

1 Sèr (80 Tolä)

2.5 t lb ≈ 2.057 lb ≈ 2 lb 1 oz

0.93310 kg

1 Maund (40 Sèr)

100 troy lb

37.324 kg

Weight Units as Per UN

Pakistan System 

Metric System 

1 Tolä

11.664 Gram

1 Sèr (80 Tolä)

933.10 Gram

1 Maund (40 Sèr)

37.324 kg

Time units in Pakistan

Traditionally there were conventional time units used in the South Asian region, also in Pakistan.  Each day has Eight Pahars as per Pakistan's traditional unit of time. In conventional form, the schedule for Namaz or Prayers is also taken as time units in Pakistan.

Definition of Pahar 

Pahar is the Traditional Unit of Time; 1 Pahar nominally equals 180 Minutes or Three Hours.




Dawn to sunrise, should be ready at least 10–15 minutes before sunrise


After true noon until Asr




After sunset until dusk


Dusk until dawn

Best Applications to Measure Land

You need to know about the exact and accurate land area. Investors often consult with third parties to measure the land. It has become more convenient to measure any area or land by downloading the recommended mobile apps for land measurement. Make it easy to measure routes and land accurately by looking into the "Best Applications to Measure Land By Walking."

Recommended Mobile Apps for Land Measurement 

Here are some of the top recommended mobile apps for land measurement which provides accurate measurement of a land or area: 

  • GLandMeasure
  • GPS Fields Area Measure
  • Distance And Area Measurement
  • Area Calculator For Land
  • Land, Fields and Area Measure
  • Geo Measure Area Calculator

How Land Measuring Mobile Apps Work 

Land Measuring mobile apps work on both Android & iOS systems by signing up on the ground-measuring app and enabling your current location, which will be the GPS on your mobile phone. These land-measuring mobile apps will measure any area, land, or region through the user's movement. The land measuring mobile apps track users' movement, which records the proper measure parameters of the land or area covered.


As a property owner or a person dealing with the real estate of Pakistan or any other individual, you should have some basic knowledge about land measuring units. However, some of the often-used land measuring units in Pakistan are Marla, Kanal, and Square foot. After briefly reviewing all the measuring units, you can convert and compare quantities conveniently. You can check other blogs related to real estate and general topics by exploring our website. 

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