Nasheman e Iqbal Housing Society Lahore

Nasheman e Iqbal Housing Society, Lahore

Nasheman e Iqbal Lahore is a public residential hub developed by well-known consultants and governement administeration. The housing scheme in Lahore is developed across an enourmous land mass of more than 1148.628 Kanal. Nasheman e Iqbal Lahore is ideally located on the main Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore City. The housing scheme in Lahore can be  accessed from both the Abdul-Sattar- Road and Canal Road, Lahore. There are no authentic details related to the approval of its no objection certificate (NOC) from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The modern scheme offers all sizes of residential and commericial properties for sale which are both well facilitated and ideally located. Continue reading below for further details: 


Nasheman e Iqbal, is a prestigious, well-facilitated, and secure community. The master planning of the real estate is done with outstanding professionalism and detail. Along with having entire residential blocks in the housing scheme in Lahore, there are about 60 commercial buildings in the region, helping businesses to grow. Residents can access the megaproject from several routes, including Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Abdul-Sattar- Road Lahore, and Canal Road. There are several international standards of Schools and Hospitals in the vicinity of Nasheman e Iqbal, Lahore.  The megaproject is secured by a well-designed gate and boundary wall, which gives its residents a sense of serenity and protection. You should consult with one of our sales agents or real estate experts to buy plots in Lahore. Continue reading if you want to know more about the different technical information related to the megacity. 

About Developers and Owners 

Nasheman e Iqbal Lahore is a public residential hub developed by well-known consultants and governement administeration.  It has been quite a time for Nasheman e Iqbal to accommodate its residents and offer international facilities standards to all. Top builders and construction giants are involved in developing the housing scheme in Lahore.  Still, we are working on finding the proper names responsible for the ownership and development of the Nasheman e Iqbal, Lahore.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) 

There are no authentic details related to the approval of its no objection certificate (NOC) from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). For more help stay connected with Xtremes Marketing to clarify the megaproject No Objection Certificate (NOC).


Nasheman e Iqbal Lahore is ideally located on the main Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore City. The housing scheme in Lahore can be  accessed from both the Abdul-Sattar- Road and Canal Road, Lahore.


  • Within 10 minutes of drive from Punjab University Employees CHS
  • Within 30 minutes of drive from Punjab University PHS
  • Within 20 minutes of drive from Dreams Villas
  • Within 25 minutes of drive from River 
  • Within 15 minutes of drive from Wapda town
  • Within 10 minutes of drive from Wapda town Phase 2
  • Within 15 minutes of movement from The Trust School
  • Within 20 minutes of drive from Valencia 
  • Within 25 minutes of drive from Sundar Industrial Estate 
  • Within 50 minutes of drive from Bahria Town 
  • Within 35 minutes of drive from DHA
  • Within 40 minutes of drive from Allama Iqbal Town 
  • Within 55 minutes of drive from Kanpur
  • Within 45 minutes of drive from Bakra Mandi

 Nearby Landmarks 

  • Punjab University Employees CHS
  • Punjab university PHS
  • Dreams Villas
  • River view 
  • Wapda town
  • Wapda town Phase 2
  • The Trust School
  • valencia 
  • Sundar Industrial Estate 
  • Bahria Town 
  • DHA 
  • Allama Iqbal Town 
  • Kanpur
  • Bakra Mandi 

Salient Features

Here is the list of different and exclusive salient features available: 

Basic Amenities 

The developers has ensured the availability of electricity, clean water, and gas across all its blocks. The residents are provided 24/7 availability of all the necessary or basic amenities. 

Schools & Hospitals 

Modern families appreciate having healthcare institutes and schools inside societies. Fortunately, Nasheman e Iqbal, has several international standard schools and clinics which facilitate its residents 24/7 or during any emergency. 

Following is the list of Health Institutes and Schools: 

  • Aamir Veternity Hospital
  • JMC Pharmacy
  • Lahore Grammar School Nash-e-Iqbal
  • Government Girls Elementary School

Commercial Zones & Shops 

If you are an investor or other interested business owner, investment in the housing scheme will benefit you in every way. All sizes of shops and other commercial property are available for sale in the secured community. 

Grand Jamia Masjid

It's normal to see amazingly curved arches and tall minarets in Lahore. There is a Jamia Masjid in the modern residential community. 

Graveyard Area

The residents are also offered one of the best and essential amenities in the form of a designated graveyard area. Well-Designed Infrastructure & Main Boulevard Engineers, planners, and top architectural firms are involved in development. You can look closely at the comprehensive carpeted road infrastructure across all its major blocks. 

Gated & Secure Community

You must have heard of all the news and complications faced by newbies in the megacity. Looking into the investors' requirements and other demands, the developers are providing a well-gated and secure community in the heart of Lahore. 

Green Zones & Eco-Friendly Society 

The housing society has dedicated green zones across its master planning. Plantation drives have been initiated through various sources bringing quality to the local lifestyle. 

Why Invest in Lahore City

Lahore is famous for its historical and political relevance in India and Pakistan. The region was once a power hold of the Ghaznavid Dynasty and then slipped into the hands of the Mughal Empire. Numerous imperial systems played a significant part in the development of the megacity. Lahore is the 2nd largest in Pakistan and, respectively, the 26th largest in the world. Upon visiting the megacity, you can witness the aesthetic Mughal infrastructure across the megacity. If you ever look for an opportunity to invest or try your luck finding the best job, Lahore city should be your destination. The real estate in Lahore is costly and extravagant compared to other cities in Pakistan. The region has several cotton manufacturing companies, software houses, other steel mills, etc. The abundance of jobs and secure investment opportunities brought great competition to the city, making it hard for many to cash in its resources at the right time. If you ever ask us about the real estate of Lahore, then we would for sure recommend you invest in its housing societies.

How to buy plots for sale in Lahore

After going through the details and technical facts related to the housing society. If you decide to invest in the Nasheman e Iqbal, Lahore, then we have some steps for you to follow: 

  1. Go to the website of - Xtremes Marketing.
  2. Connect with one of our sales executives or sales agent 
  3. We will request all relevant demands and other information related to your query. 
  4. Within 24 hours, we will contact you to have all the available options on the table for investment in the megacity.
  5. You can also contact with us for  investment in Lake View City Islamabad.


Question: Where is the Nasheman e Iqbal located? 

Answer: Nasheman e Iqbal is located in the heart of Lahore on the main Khayaban-e-Jinnah road. 

Question: Is it an approved real estate in Lahore City? 

Answer: Yes, the megaproject has approved all its relevant documents and other NOC (No Objection Certificates) from the related department. 

Question: Are there any plots for sale ? 

Answer: Yes, there are all sizes of residential and commercial plots for sale in the modern community. 

Question: Who is Xtremes Marketing, and how can they help real estate investment? 

Answer: Xtremes Marketing is one of Lahore's best real estate companies. Connect with our sales agents to secure your investment and make a business of yourself. 

Question: What are the prices of plots for sale in Lahore? 

Answer: By connecting with our sales agent, you can learn more about the different sizes of plots available for sale. 

Question: Why should you invest in the real estate of Lahore City? 

Answer: Investment in the real estate of Lahore gives you an edge in the competitive marketplace. Following are some of the reasons you should invest in the real estate business: 

  • Financial Security
  • Business Growth and Increase in Profit
  • Rental Yield and Growing New Businesses

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