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 New Islamabad Garden - NOC, Master planning, & Easy Installment Plans

New Islamabad Garden is a well-facilitated and ideally located housing society by the Frontline Builders & Developers.New Islamabad Garden is ideally located on the main Simly Dam Road, Islamabad. New Islamabad Garden has recieved its valid and legal no objection certificate (NOC) from the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). New Islamabad Garden is developed across 128 Kanal land. New Islamabad Garden offers its investors with 5, 10, and 20 Marla of residential plots for sale on easy installment plans. If you are interested in buying plots for sale on easy installment in the New Islamabad Garden continue reading below:

About Developers & Owners 

Frontline Builders & Developers are the developers and owners of the New Islamabad Garden. They are well known for working on several regional real estate mega-projects. Frontline Builders & Developers has an experienced team of engineers and town planners who work on developing and designing society in the twin cities.


New Islamabad Garden is located on the main Simly Dam Road. They are making it conveniently accessible from various commercial and residential hubs in Islamabad.


NOC (No Objection Certificate)

New Islamabad Garden is approved and secures to invest buy plots available for sale. The developers have received their valid NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).


  • Can be reached within 5 minutes drive away from Jagiot Road
  • Can be reached within 15 minutes drive away from Simply Dam Road
  • Can be reached within 11 minutes drive away from Lehtrar Rd-Simly Dam Road Link
  • Can be reached within 11 minutes drive away from Malot Road
  • Can be reached within 12 minutes drive away from Jinnah Avenue
  • Can be reached within 31 minutes' drive away from E-75
  • Can be reached within 33 minutes drive away from Srinagar Highway
  • Can be reached within 51 minutes drive away from Islamabad International Airport

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Master planning 

The housing society has exclusive and well-fac ilitated plots for sale. Here are some of the unique details related to its master planning: 


Residential Plots for Sale: 

·         5 Marla

·         10 Marla

·         20 Marla

Payment Plans new-islamabad-garden-PAYMENT-PLANSalient Features 

Here are some of the exclusive features available in society: 

Basic Amenities 

The developers have ensured the availability of electricity, clean water, and Sui gas across all its blocks. There are 24/7 maintenance services offered by the official authorities in society, making it an ideal place for modern families. 

Secure & Gated Community

The designers and town planners have designed a beautiful entrance for society. Only authorized individuals and residents of the housing scheme are allowed to enter society. It is a fully secure and modern society in the region. 


 Schools & Hospitals 

There is an international standard for schools and hospitals in modern society. The residents are offered with state of the art facilities and infrastructure within the mega real estate of Islamabad. 

Dedicated Graveyard & Jamia Masjid 

Unlike any other society, the New Islamabad Garden has a dedicated graveyard and an aesthetically designed Jamia Masjid. 


Modern Waste Management System 

Per your expectations, the housing society has a well-operational and modern waste management system. 

Eco-Friendly & Green Society 

For modern families, New Islamabad Garden is an eco-friendly and ideal society. There are green zones and plantation drives carried out across the housing society in Islamabad, making it an eco-friendly place. 

Commercial Area & Shops 

If you want to grow your business or are looking to start one, you should invest in the commercial areas of real estate. There are different sizes of ideally located shops for you on market-competitive payment plans. 


 Public Parks & Recreational Space 

Modern families are provided with well-facilitated public parks and recreational spaces in the ideally located society.


Ideal Location & Accessibility 

The developers have selected the location of the housing scheme after a great deal of research. New Islamabad Garden has convenient transportation and can be accessed from several other regional hotspots. 

What are the Benefits of Investment in Real Estate in Pakistan? 

Looking into the current market trends and hike in real estate prices. It's better to retain all the golden opportunities to buy plots on easy installment plans. Islamabad is ideal for modern families, as it has excellent jobs, business opportunities, and educational institutes.Also, several modern housing schemes have been launched to accommodate the ever-rising population of the mega-city. It claims to be one of Islamabad's approved and ideally located housing societies.  Inhabitants are provided with a secure and gated community, along with the availability of international standards of amenities. Investment in real estate in Pakistan has excellent relevance when looking for both short-term and long-term investments. Below are some of the reasons why you should invest your resources in the real estate business: 

·         Financial Stability 

·         Passive Income Source 

·         Business Growth 


Question: Who are the owners and developers of the society? 

Answer: Frontline Builders & Developers are the developers and owners of the New Islamabad Garden. 

Question: Where is the housing scheme located? 

Answer: New Islamabad Garden is located on the main Simly Dam Road.

Question: Are there any residential plots available for sale?  

Answer: Following are the different sizes of residential plots available for sale in the scheme: 

·         5 Marla

·         10 Marla

·         20 Marla

Question: Is it an approved scheme in Islamabad? 

Answer: The developers have received their valid NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). 

Question: How to buy plots for sale? 

Answer: If you are interested in buying plots for sale in any society across Pakistan. It would be best if you connected with Xtremes Marketing, our sales agent in Peshawar will guide you through buying the best plot on easy installment plans. 

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