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Top 10 Real Estate Property Websites in Pakistan

Top 10 Real Estate Property Websites in Pakistan

Property Websites in Pakistan are one of the important platforms where you can check on all property types and featured projects. Have you ever thought of finding the most affordable and trustworthy source for buying property in Pakistan? 


It's more common to ask a family member or friend when looking for property in Pakistan. You can also consult with some of the best real estate property agents in Pakistan who can guide you to find out some of these properties in your area.



The Transition from Traditional to Futuristic Real Estate Websites in Pakistan 

Traditional forms of real estate dealings can no longer satisfy the needs of modern realtors and investors. Modern businesses require modern solutions, resulting in the emergence of property websites in Pakistan. Real estate websites in Pakistan have improved so much that you can even make transactions related to property buy & sell on it. 


You can scroll through the diverse range of property listings and exclusive real estate posted on these real estate sites in Pakistan. Realtors are offering a user-friendly, simplified, and excellent property portal in Pakistan to help buyers and investors to identify the best property in Pakistan. 


Importance of Real Estate Sites in Pakistan

But what if there is a far greater secure, reliable, and distinctive channel to help you spot the best property in Pakistan? You heard me right; there are several property websites in Pakistan with thousands of properties and real estate property agent listings from across the country. It's not just about the listed properties on real estate sites in Pakistan but value is added to the real estate industry of Pakistan as a whole.


From real-time consultation with a sales agent to going through the details related to several top-class projects, these top 10 real estate property websites in Pakistan have more than just listed properties for sale.


Why go for the Real Estate Property Websites in Pakistan

Through the property management business advancement, you can use these top 10 property websites in Pakistan to select a suitable property, explore buying or selling opportunities, find top real estate property agents in Pakistan, and know more about all the updates related to the real estate business.




List of Top Property Portals in Pakistan

Property Website Name Year Founded CEO Available in City Employees Headquarters 2006 Zeeshan Ali Khan English & Urdu 3500+ Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Xtreme marketing 2020 Gull Ahmad & Director Luqman Ahmad English 100+ D.I Khan & Peshawar, Pakistan
Graana 2015 Shafiq Akbar English 500+ Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad 2013 Rocket Internet SE 3+ Langauages 3000+ Operations in 34 countries
Agency 21 2016 Private  English 500+ Islamabad, Pakistan 2018 Private English 10+ Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan 2018 Shalimar Group English 200+ Lahore/Sargodha, Pakistan



Here are some of the best real estate property portals in Pakistan

After thorough research and evaluation, we have listed some of Pakistan's top 10 property websites.

No one ever thought about having the level of revolution we see now in the real estate of Pakistan. not only developed real estate in Pakistan but also made a diverse channel for the marketing of new projects across the major cities of Pakistan. You can explore tons of real estate projects on, and maybe you will something interesting on the property portal in Pakistan. This real estate property website in Pakistan features some international projects and other businesses. knows well about your business needs as they have assembled a team of sales executives and property agents in Pakistan. 


Website Link:

Contact Details: 0800-ZAMEEN (92633)/

top 10 websites in pakistan

Are you looking for a reliable resource for making transparent real estate property transactions in Pakistan? Do you want to know more about the services and products offered by the top 10 real estate websites in Pakistan? 


Then would be the perfect fit for you. The real estate property portal helps any user spot the best property, whether it's a flat or house. It has listed thousands of properties from across the major cities on its real estate sites in Pakistan. 


Website Link:

Contact Details: 0300-2145226.

Xtreme Marketing

It's not what most property websites look like; Xtreme Marketing has brought a revolution to the real estate industry of Pakistan. From free listing on its real estate websites in Pakistan to several investment opportunities offered. You can use the real estate site in Pakistan as per your business needs and objectives.


Xtreme marketing also facilitates you through real estate consultation services whether it's document preparation or an overview of listed properties. Thousands of properties and several housing projects are listed on one of the best property portals in Pakistan; where you can spot the best property by using the filter given or call for consulting with a sales expert. It's soon to be seen high up among the rankings of the top 10 real estate websites in Pakistan. 


Website Link:

Contact Details: +92301-8585020 /

The real estate giant has gone from just a property website in Pakistan to one of the top 10 real estate websites in Pakistan. The real estate portal is leveraged with millions of property listings, resources to get all the updates about the real estate in Pakistan, filters to choose the best property in Pakistan, posted by the real estate agents, etc. 


Website Link:

Contact Details: 111-555-555 /

Lamudi. pk

Finding the best real estate websites in Pakistan has not been this before. has listed all the local and hot properties on its real estate portal. The real estate giant helps you in many ways, whether it's facilitating you on a property sale or purchase, estimating property value, or any other professional service. also has a team of expert property agents in Pakistan, who can help you in buying or selling property in Pakistan. 


Website Link:

Contact Details: 0800-7 86786/

Agency 21

Agency 21 has some of the best people to facilitate you in Selling or buying any real estate. The property portal also gives you options for making a total market overview of any specific property. The real estate portal is more user-friendly and convenient for users of all ages.


Website Link:

Contact Details: (051) 111 021 111/

 agency 21

The property portal is easy to use for real estate property agents in Pakistan and has tons of property listings that you can explore. You would be able to find some of the diverse types of properties on Meraghar. Pk.


Website Link:

Contact Details: ICQ: 616147066 /


It's one of the fast-paced and excellent real estate portals in Pakistan. The property portal connects all the local real estate owners, prospective buyers and tenants, and Internet surfers.


Website Link:

Contact Details:


Other Property Websites 



Mirpur Properties

Mirpur Properties is Azad Kashmir's first real estate website. Mirpur Properties provides its client-centered services, buying, selling, and renting properties both residential and commercial.


Website Link:


Contact Details:


Phone Number: +44 7734 090110.

In the fast-paced world of real estate, finding the perfect property can be a challenging task. However, thanks to the emergence of online platforms, the process has become significantly easier. Among the plethora of real estate websites in Pakistan, one portal stands out as a reliable and comprehensive source for property seekers 


Website Link:


Contact Details:






Here are some of the facts related to the FAQs About Real estate Property Websites in Pakistan: 

Which are the property websites in Pakistan?

Answer: Xtremes Marketing features the best and most approved housing societies in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, and other cities of Pakistan. You will find the unique property listed on Xtremes Marketing. 

 How can I find property in Pakistan?

Answer: You should visit the real estate portal of Xtremes Marketing and find one-of-a-kind properties and housing projects on the property website. 

 Which is the best app for a property?

Answer: Xtremes Marketing has introduced one of Pakistan's best real estate mobile applications. You can download it and surf through thousands of hottest property deals across major cities of Pakistan. 


Question: Which city is best for property investment in Pakistan?

Answer: We suggest you invest in some eco-friendly and competently accessible housing projects in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, As they offer plots in easy installments. 

 What is the future of real estate in Pakistan?

Answer: Looking into real estate insights in Pakistan and market trends. We can predict a promising future for Pakistan's real estate and property investment. 

 Is it reasonable to invest in property in Pakistan?

Answer: Yes, it is very reasonable for you to make an investment in real estate in Pakistan. Property in Pakistan is trending at its peak with ease in buying plots and the availability of approved housing authorities in the vicinity of major cities in Pakistan.

You can also check the different types of property on the property websites in Pakistan.

 What is the minimum amount to invest in Pakistan?

Answer: Depending on your budget and the type of property in Pakistan you want to invest in, There are various residential and commercial properties available for the best prices in some of the best and most secure cities of Pakistan.

 Is real estate profitable in Pakistan?

Answer: Well, it can get you a large sum of sound money. It would require you to be more patient and vigilant when investing in real estate in Pakistan. Review the different property websites in Pakistan and do research work on the featured housing projects listed. 


Question: What is the best investment in Pakistan?

Answer: If you are interested in generating more revenue through secure investment in Pakistan. Then you should invest your resources into the real estate of Pakistan as there are some of the best and most unique housing authorities in the major cities of Pakistan. 

 What is REIT in Pakistan?

Answer: A company or group of companies focused on the mutual investment of funds into real estate and generating revenue from it is termed a real estate investment trust (REITs). It involves a major REIT Management Company (RMC), which spots the best mega-project and raises funds through the Initial Public Offering (IPO). Property Website in Pakistan also has several white papers related to housing projects in Pakistan. 

 How do beginners invest in real estate?

Answer: If you are new to the business and want to invest in the real estate of Pakistan. We would recommend you to consult with an expert and reliable sales executive. Also, you should check into the legal status and other documentation related to the housing authorities inside Pakistan. 

 Is Real Estate Investing safe in Pakistan?

Answer: Investing in real estate in Pakistan is safe; as long it has a NOC (No Objection Certificate), the ownership of the property is valid, and all the documents are authentic. A real estate website in Pakistan has listed all the details of housing projects along with their given documents and NOC. 

Which is the best real estate website in Pakistan?

Answer: Xtremes Marketing is one of Pakistan's best and most user-friendly real estate websites in Pakistan. A diverse range of properties is featured and listed on the real estate website. 


Question: What is meant by traditional real estate? 

Answer: Traditional real estate involves more classic ways and procedures of real estate, where property dealings are done in old ways and no such modern tools are used in it. 

 How can I find the best property in Pakistan?

Answer: You can visit or contact one of our sales executives to find the best property in Pakistan. An agile and robust real estate website in Pakistan having the hottest properties across the major housing projects in Pakistan. 

 Which is the best app for a property?

Answer: Xtremes Marketing has long been serving its customers with one of the best and most user-friendly mobile applications. Xtremes Marketing's mobile application and property are the best in the marketplace. 

 Which city is best for property investment in Pakistan?

Answer: Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Karachi are some of the major cities in Pakistan for investment. While you can invest in some of the best housing projects in Islamabad and Peshawar. Real estate sites in Pakistan offer you insight into such featured housing projects in Pakistan. 

Is investment in Real Estate safe in Pakistan?

Answer: Pakistan is now the safest for all locals and international inhabitants. You can invest in Pakistan's real estate without hesitation as it would repay you greatly in both resale value and high rental yield. You can check on some of the best-featured housing projects on the available property portal in Pakistan. 



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